Saturday, April 22, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Back in the low life again?

One of my crack, elite, secret, elite and crack confidential informants sends me this pic of some definite activity at Casa Ross in Lloydminster. (I have cropped the pic to remove license plate numbers but, rest assured, I have them.) As Patrick's father Ken ostensibly lives alone, the most likely explanation for two vehicles in the driveway is, well, Patrick has moved back into the basement.

Note that neither of the vehicles is a Ford Escape (Patrick's last known set of wheels), but the juvenile Autobots decal on the blue Chevy strongly suggests an owner with the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old, so ... draw your own conclusions.

My CIs will be making occasional passes by Casa Ross and checking on the regularity of that vehicle's presence. And there are other developments in the works but I'll keep them to myself for now.

Stay tuned ...

P.S. It is entirely possible that I was wrong about Patrick once driving a Ford Escape ... perhaps it's been the above vehicle all along. In any event, I will have my spies checking out that address now and again and taking notes.


Anonymous said...

If you have the license plate, it's fairly easy to do a search to find the registered owner. Are you planning to do that?

CC said...

Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear do it in the woods?

Anonymous said...

If Patrick isn't working, is he even entitled to protect his truck from forfeiture? From what I've read of the rules of what you can seize to pay off a debt, a person is allowed to keep a primary vehicle if it's required for their employment. But if Patrick isn't working, can he still keep his truck?

CC said...

Anon @ 2:54 AM: That is an excellent question, to which the answer is ... it's not clear. Most debtors are allowed to keep certain things, and a *primary* vehicle is normally one of them, but the grey area is when the debtor has no arguable need for it. And if Patrick is living at home again and not working, I can at least *argue* to a judge that he is not entitled to his vehicle and, given Patrick's history of non-compliance, a judge will almost certainly give that argument a listen. I may not *win* that argument, but the judge would at least listen to my reasoning. But there's an extra wrinkle that might work against Patrick.

It might depend on whose name the vehicle is registered in. Given Patrick's status as an undischarged bankrupt, it is entirely possible that the vehicle was purchased by his father, and is registered in his father's name, and that might be very awkward for Patrick since, if that's the case, that means that *both* of the vehicles in that picture could very well be registered by Patrick's father, at which point I could plausibly argue that, if Patrick has been using a vehicle registered to his father all this time, then he's perfectly welcome to use the *other* vehicle.

However this shakes out in the next few weeks, I'm fairly certain that there will be some legal debate as to whether someone who is an undischarged bankrupt, who owes me more than $100,000 and who is apparently unemployed has the right to what looks like a Chevy Avalanche 4x4.

If not, then Patrick might want to get used to walking again.

Anonymous said...

CC: I suspect you're right and Patrick and his father are playing games in the sense of moving assets around so it looks like none of it belongs to Patrick. But the courts know people do this so if they try to play that game, it won't end well for either of them.

CC said...

Anon @ 7:55 AM: Oh, I *know* they're moving stuff around to protect it from me, but their problem is that neither of those two hillbillies is a criminal mastermind so I'm not overly worried. As you say, the courts know the games people play and this is just another example.

If, in fact, both of those vehicles are registered in Daddy Ross' name to keep one of them from me, well, they'll at the very least have to explain why Patrick is pretty much the sole driver of one of them. You can't just sign something over to another party, only to have that other party quietly gift its use back to you.

Anyway, things are moving along, and I'll report back as developments develop.

RossOwesDay said...

Lol. This picture is hilarious. Looks legit. As if a geriatric widower like Ken drives a truck with a Transformers sticker on it. Are you going to be able to investigate the car insurance situation with those cars? There is a chance that Ken and Twatsy could have committed some light insurance fraud if they were concealing Twatsy's life situations and driving patterns.