Friday, June 18, 2021

Well, that was predictable.

BREAKING: "The court kicked to the curb our illiterate idiocy scrawled with crayon on the back of an Arby's napkin, so send us $350,000 so we can keep buying the good gin!"


POP QUIZ: Who, exactly, is making a buttload of money off of all of this legal stupidity and futility? Think hard .. it'll come to you.


Purple library guy said...

They SAY they're appealing, but I don't find them appealing at all.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good AND a bad thing for the Rebel, but ultimately it's a setback.

It's good because Ezra doesn't actually give a rat's ass about the "constitutionality" of these measures. Because of course, even a failed ex-lawyer knows there's nothing "unconstitutional" about limits on gathering or worship for public health reasons. No-one has ever tried to argue that occupancy limits in church halls constitute an "unconstitutional" abrogation of their freedoms.

So the point was never to "win" this challenge: it's to create a high profile venue for appeal after appeal after appeal, right up to the final refusal of the final exasperated court to hear the last ditch appeal. The case was lost from the outset, but as long as the readership keeps sending in cheques, the appeals will keep rolling along.

However, I think this decisive loss in the very first inning of what was intended to be a long game may give the long-suffering donors second thoughts; it may also make quick dismissals by courts in other jurisdictions that much easier.

So the poor old Rebels may just have lost their cash cow. Now that they've been proven wrong on all their COVID hoax theories, the regulations that fueled their grievance machine is being rolled back, and their trans-bashing and Nuslim-hate have fallen out of fashion even among the Paleo-conservatives, what will the new obsession be?