Wednesday, June 16, 2021

That is some seriously burning stupid.

Take a minute to appreciate the dumbassitude contained herein:

So, just to be clear, all Pastor Tim needed to do to be back with his family was to ... agree to stop breaking the law.

I think we're done here.

BONUS TRACK: Yes, Sheila really is as dumb as you'd heard.

RANDOM THOUGHTS ... It will be interesting to see if Pastor Tim, after a day or two in the joint, has a change of heart and tells the judge he agrees to the bail conditions of not, you know, continuing to break the law. But if that's what happens, then we'll know this was all a carefully choreographed dog-and-pony show ... "Look, just refuse the bail conditions, be sent back to jail, we'll get awesome footage out of this and, a couple days later, sign the fucking thing and go home. Everybody wins!"

But if that happens, it would be delightful if the judge replied with, "I don't think so, Tim ... you've already proven you can't be trusted, so I think you'll stay where you are until the trial."

Man, that would be worth some tail wagging, would it not? Let's watch.

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Anonymous said...

Having staged a multi-camera arrest replete with tearful kids and a poignant farewell, the pastor and the Rebel have no doubt concluded this is better milked by a stint in jail than acceptance of bail conditions. Daily updates, more interviews with weepy wife, and the cash just keeps rollin' in...
I wonder if the Rebel's three ordained stooges have a rotation schedule for arrests and incarceration?