Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Really nasty bigotry, Canadian style.

And just in case we Canadians like to think of ourselves as somehow more tolerant, more noble and more open-minded, Greg over at Sinister Thoughts reminds us that, no, we poor schmucks also have our share of ignorant bigots.

And that site won a Weblog award. Jeezus.


Anonymous said...

"more tolerant, more noble and more open-minded" than whom?

That sort of arrogance is indicative of the type of thought I was criticising in my post - which was directed at a Canadian leftie who was hoping democracy in Iraq failed, in order to damage the Bush administration.

That's bigotry?

In what language?


CC said...

All right, boys and girls, watch carefully as I eviscerate a really sleazy rhetorical trick you shouldn't try at home. Or here for that matter.

"Kate", in her original post here, justifiably takes issue with "Nina" from Toronto, who writes:

"I hate to say this to Iraqis, but I pray for chaos and civil war: it's the only way to stop Bush's policies and show that peace can never come through force. If Iraq gets peace, Bush wins credibility. It cannot be allowed to happen." -- Nina

But instead of focusing her ire exclusively on Nina, Kate follows this up with a ludicrously broad generalization:

"It could have just as easily been written by any number of Liberal or NDP members of parliament." -- Kate

This followup statement of Kate's is, of course, total unadulterated bullshit. She has no foundation for it; she simply takes a single example and generalizes that to insult an arbitrary number of MPs based on her ignorant fantasies. But wait -- it gets better.

In the comments section further down, Kate, again based on this single example, broadens her attack to now criticize (if you can believe this) the entire left:

"At the center of the left's belief system is a deep and unshakable racism. It has revealed itself in the Iraq war like it has in no other way. Cut through the BS, and their core message is that Iraqis are ungovernable and expendible - in other words - something less than human."

Needless to say, Kate provides not even the smallest smidgen of proof for any of the above and, when I call her on the breathtaking ignorance and bigotry of that comment, she defends herself by running and hiding behind her original post, which I never even addressed.

Warning: don't try that kind of shit here. It's not going to fly.

Anonymous said...

But you didn't "call me" on any comment at all. Indeed, you posted over here on your own site, sans trackback, in a "me too!" echo of the ad hominem at Sinster Thoughts.

Had I not been checking technorati links, I'd not known any of it existed.

In a "more tolerant, more noble and more open-minded" country where Liberal MP's stomp on Bush dolls and call them "bastards", and NDP members heckle foreign leaders and ham it up for the cameras with protesters, it is not a stretch to link them to the lowest level of Canadian envy-driven Amerihate.

They foster it, they feed off it, they exploit it. "Choose Your Canada" indeed.

And again, I retract none of my statement about the core racism of leftist ideology. It's both overt and subliminal - rearing its head in recent weeks in leftie cartoons of Condaleeza Rice as the "House Nigger" or "Uncle Tom" Powell...

Finally, you seem to have some problems with short-term memory - after quoting "Nina" from Toronto, who expressly "prays for chaos and civil war" in Iraq - the very comment I was referring to! ... you then state I provide no evidence to support my comments that Iraqis are "expendible"???

Did you not read your own post?

But whatever. But you didn't reply to my question, did you?

"more tolerant, more noble and more open-minded" than whom?