Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terry Schiavo and the power of prayer.

(CC News) In yet another day of the ongoing media circus involving vegetative patient Terry Schiavo, hundreds of devout Christians gathered in front of her hospital, praying fervently and desperately that someone from the news media would come by and take a picture of them praying fervently and desperately.

"Sorry," said one middle-aged man, carrying a large "John 3:16" banner and trying frantically to get himself in front of a network's TV camera, "Terri who?"


That guy said...

It was also mordantly amusing to see members of Congress struggle to pronounce her last name. That's when they weren't calling her "Terri," as if they'd known her all their lives.

Anonymous said...

*Here's* the argument that should be used to bludgeon these people back into submission:

Although I'm not convinced that pointing out their hypocrisy for the umpteenth time will change anything.