Sunday, March 20, 2005

March madness, and the upsets continue.

(Moved from below up to the top to keep up with late-breaking developments.)

Yowch. (12) Wisconsin-Milwaukee takes out (5) 'Bama. (11) UAB over (6) LSU. (10) NC State over (7) Charlotte. (13) Vermont squeaks by (4) Syracuse in OT. And, holy snappers, (14) Bucknell sends (3) Kansas home. Ouch. There goes that potential UNC/Kansas storyline.

And the madness continues. (6) Texas Tech ousts (3) Gonzaga. (12) UW Milwaukee-Wisconsin continues its streak by booting (4) Boston College. And, holy crap, (7) West Virginia takes out (2) Wake Forest in double overtime!

And this just in: (10) NC State keeps rolling, beats defending champs (2) UConn.

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