Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dealing with creationists in one easy step.

In dealing with scientific creationists, there are generally two approaches. The first is to listen, be respectful and slowly and carefully explain why their views are utter rubbish. Then there's the PZ Myers approach.

Guess which strategy I prefer.


Jay McHue said...

Except, of course, that Paul is not a Creationist and has never argued anything for Creationism.

Keep chewing on that foot, CC.

CC said...

Gosh, Jinx, you might have a point. Perhaps I've just been blinded by Paul's careful, nuanced descriptions of evolution, like this one:

"I don't use "evolution" in the strict definition here, I mean evolution as in the theory that lighting stuck inorganic material and started life that a bazillion years later evolved into every life form on the planet. That version of "evolution" is seriously, seriously flawed.... And no amount of your typing in the comments section will make unflawed."

Sorry, I guess I just don't do subtlety.