Saturday, March 26, 2005

Fighting fire with fire, and stupidity with cleverness.

I swear, if the Dems were any dumber, they'd need help getting dressed in the morning. How else to explain their complete lack of ingenuity and creativity in dealing with this recent controversy -- the bogus claim that Dr. William Hammesfahr, whe claims he can treat Terri Schiavo, was nominated for a Nobel Prize?

As you can see, that's not exactly, technically speaking, true since he was "nominated" only by House Rep. Mike Bilirakis (R-Really Stupid State) who, as the Media Matters piece above explains in excruciating detail, isn't even eligible to make that kind of nomination.

And how should the Dems respond? Well, rather than trying to refute this fairy tale every time it pops up (and a lot of good that would do), the Dems should respond in kind. Each of them should get a Democratic house rep to similarly "nominate" them, at which point they would be "Nobel Prize nominees" as well. And they should insist on being referred to as such in every interview from now on:

Host: This is John Gibson of Fox News, and I'm here with Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer who ..."
Boxer: "Excuse me, John, but that's Democratic Senator and Nobel Prize nominee Barbara Boxer."
Gibson: "Uh ... excuse me?"
Boxer: "Nobel Prize nominee. And, of course, with me is Representative and Nobel Prize nominee Henry Waxman. Oh, and Nobel Prize nominee and my Bichon Frise, "Cupcake". Say hello, Cupcake."
Cupcake: "Arf!"

Memo to Dems: This first piece of advice is free. The rest you have to pay for. I take small bills.

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