Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Anonymous said...

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraq's insurgency has suffered steep losses in recent days, including Wednesday's announcement of 85 guerrilla deaths in a joint U.S.-Iraq raid on a suspected training camp. Officials said citizens emboldened by recent elections are increasingly turning in tips against the militants.

In three days, U.S. and Iraqi troops have killed at least 128 militants nationwide, and the Wednesday announcement that 85 insurgents died in an attack by Iraqi commandos, backed by U.S. air and ground fire, marked one of the heaviest single-day tolls suffered by Iraqi militants in the two-year insurgency.

Something a little more cheerful. Thought you'd like to know.

CC said...

Um ... do you have a source for this? From experience, I know that the "coalition" forces have always had a fairly flexible definition for "insurgent". For all I know, that number might include the cooks at that camp, or folks who just happened to be standing around, having dropped by for a visit.

It's not hard to imagine that the coalition forces got a tip about an insurgent camp, immediately bombed the crap out of it, went in afterwards, counted 85 bodies and reported the killing of 85 "insurgents". (Remember, they did bomb the crap out of a wedding party.)

Colour me cynical, but I'd really like to see an official report on this.

Mark Richard Francis said...

One of the sources is here

I saw other news stories on it, never bothered to pick them up. I'm not into 'body count' stories.

Killing people doesn't fit into the 'optimist news' category for me, regardless of it being a possible positive development.

Back to the post...

Brendan been a favourite of mine for a while. He was one of the authors of Spinsanity. Great debunking of politics. YOu'll see me in his comments now and then.

Less prolific is Bryan Keefer. another Spinsanity guy. He also works at CJR another great site for media and political criticism.

Larix said...,10117,12645853-23109,00.html

Apparently now it is 11 guerrilla deaths along with 7 Iraqis soldier deaths and they still control their training camp.

But this hasn't stopped CNN from reported the 85 deaths story for the past two days.