Saturday, March 26, 2005

Oooooh ... I don't like the sound of that.

(Via Atrios)
First, there's this:

I advocate the use of force to rescue Terri Schiavo from being starved to death. I further advocate the killing of anyone who interferes with such rescue ... These cops are aiding, abetting and enabling the death of a completely innocent, totally helpless woman, Terri Schiavo, who is being systematically starved to death. They deserve to be shot in the head and killed! I'm keeping all these cop photos in case I decide to do something to them later on.

Followed shortly thereafter by:

Web Site Updates Temporarily offline. I am traveling to do something important.

All righty, then. All you protestors might want to take the day off, if you catch my drift.

: Steve Gilliard gets it just right, particularly here:

But Bush has never spread political risk. He has always heaped it on and expected to be rewarded in the end. There has never been a downside for this. But there is now. If Judge Greer or Michael Schiavo is harmed in any way, that turd is going to land right on the doors of the White House and Congress. They unleashed this madness and the idea that they could escape it is unlikely.

Yeah, that's about it, isn't it? Having yapped about this for days, howling things like, "We must do something to help Terri, it's our responsibility, we can't allow this to happen ...", the vile subhumans that are the Republicans have done everything in their power to crank up the right-wing nutballs and lunatics so that, if violence does erupt, it's perfectly fair to turn to those same Repubs and say, "Well, you asked for this. Now deal with it."

And, I could be wrong, but isn't there some kind of law in the U.S. against inciting violence or something? And wouldn't it be hilarious if, in the wake of such violence, all of the pompous, pretentious blowhards like President Chimpy and Tom "The Bugman" DeLay were indicted as co-conspirators? Man, that would just make my day.

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