Tuesday, March 22, 2005

American public to politicians: Bugger off.

And even though it's not scientific, an online survey regarding Terri Schiavo here at CNN is eye-poppingly revealing. In answer to the question, "Who should decide Terri Schiavo's fate?", we have the results as of 5:40 PM today:

  • Her husband: 73%
  • Her parents: 22%
  • Judges: 4%
  • Politicians: 1%

So ... husband: 73%; politicians: 1%. Yeah, I'd call that a freakin' "mandate".

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Lib said...

I LOVE your blog...I left a comment earlier, and believe me, the wacko crazy fundamentalist Christians are WAY out of touch here. And they call liberals "out of touch with the mainstream." My, how the tables have turned...
Poor Bush. Somehow, though, Karl Rove will find a way to spread more lies to idiot America. Is there any room for me in Canada? I am ashamed of the level to which my country has stooped.