Sunday, March 20, 2005

Uh oh ... apparently, MSNBC didn't get the memo.

From this MSNBC news piece:

"The president, whose approval ratings are down on almost every issue, has yet to sell the country on his plan for Social Security."

Although President George W. Bush has been traveling the country touting a new plan to overhaul the Social Security system, campaigning in 15 states over six weeks, the majority of Americans remain unswayed, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll...

Support for the Social Security plan breaks down reliably along party lines, with 72 percent of registered Republicans saying they support the Bush plan;

I'm thinking MSNBC should pay closer attention to President Chimpy's press conferences when he says things like:

"First of all, Dave, let me, if I might correct you, be so bold as to correct you, I have not laid out a plan yet, intentionally."

Dear MSNBC, repeat after me: There is no plan ... there is no plan ... there is no plan.

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