Saturday, March 19, 2005

Same-sex marriage, statistics and lying asshole Progressive Conservatives.

During the short drive to grab some lunch, listening to the CBC's coverage of the PC convention and the debate over same-sex marriage, during which delegate and right-wing dingbat Elsie Wayne defended the "traditional" definition of marriage, thundering (and I am paraphrasing):

"I've been all across this country and, when you talk to Canadians, fully 90% of them support the traditional, one-man, one-woman idea of marriage."

The reporter then went on to describe how, even with some delegates arguing for tolerance and diversity, the delegates voted almost 75% to support the traditional definition.

Now, I'm curious -- if a general, supposedly wide-ranging cross-section of the Canadian public would have voted 90% in favour of traditional marriage, how is it that a vote among just right-wing PC delegates could muster less than 75% support? Isn't that a puzzler?

SHAMELESSLY PLAGIARIZED UPDATE: And as mahigan so snarkily points out over here, you really have to appreciate the irony of the awkward combination of the PCs and the Alliance Party, getting together to condemn "unnatural" marriage. (If you're not Canadian, well, sorry, I guess you had to be there.)


Anonymous said...

you should get some more statistics

Anonymous said...

this is fucking shit!