Thursday, March 17, 2005

The David Horowitz series: Amaze your friends! Collect the entire set!

Frankly, I never imagined that an innocuous article on right-wing bottom dweller, consummate sleazebucket and pathological liar David Horowitz would have blossomed into such a quest (and, yes, I'm entertaining book offers.)

So, for convenience, I'm collecting the links to both my articles and additional links and will arrange for this piece to remain at the top of the home page for a while, so new articles will be found after this one. If you have other links you think should be added, let me know in the comments sections or by email, at

The CC links:

Part 1
: Tranquil opening scene, in which Gandalf visits the Shire and Bilbo plans a birthday party.
Part 2: In which Horowitz learns that snark just doesn't work for him.
Part 3: Why the SAF should be driven off of campus with pitchforks, and how you can help.
Part 4: David Horowitz meets the Rude Pundit, and the result is not pretty.
Part 5: David Horowitz meets Heart of Darkness. The Horowitz! The Horowitz!
Part 6: David Horowitz meets Higher Education, and doesn't recognize it.
Part 7: Media Matters gets their turn, and there's another swift boot to the nads.
Part 8: In which Horowitz defenders learn that Horowitz has a nasty habit of this sort of thing.
Part 9: In which Horowitz meets Google, and Google slaps him silly.
Part 10: In which Dave's claims of "bias" are shredded, and CC challenges readers to defend Dave's integrity.
Part 11: In which CC demonstrates just how jaw-droppingly stupid the folks over at Moonbat Central really are.

Additional links (a work in progress, updated frequently):

Sept 13, 2004: Where Horowitz makes some pretty unambiguous accusations.
Feb 24: An early pre-emptive strike, a portent of the ugly madness to come.
Mar 4: In which Case Western Reserve prof Mano Singham thinks he smells something funny.
Mar 7: Media Matters gets on the "Let's slap around David Horowitz" bandwagon.
Mar 11: The folks over at Cliopatra start poking around.
Mar 14: Mano Singham gets a phone call. The game is now afoot.
Mar 14: The SAF bluffs, and hopes no one notices.
Mar 14: The fine folks at Inside Higher Ed call their bluff.
Mar 15: In the midst of having his remaining credibility shredded, Horowitz bravely soldiers on. Crisis? What crisis?
Mar 15: Inside Higher Ed tears the UNC story into little, bitty pieces.
Mar 15: David Horowitz backpedals furiously, while refusing to admit he is backpedaling furiously.
Mar 15: And more from Media Matters.
Mar 15: And the Rude Pundit does what only the Rude Pundit can.
Mar 16: Oh oh ... apparently, Dave has a bad habit of this kind of thing.
Mar 17: Case Western's Mano Singham checks back in, undoubtedly wondering just what the hell he started but still filling in a lot of blanks. A must read.
Mar 17: Media Matters making Horowitz look even more dishonest, as if that's physically possible.
Mar 18: David Horowitz redefines the concept of "wrong".
Mar 18: Over at his own Front Page Mag site, Horowitz finally descends into gibbering idiocy.
Mar 18: Billmon over at Whiskey Bar, catching Dave in a flat-out lie. Oh, yawn.

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