Monday, September 08, 2008

Liberian Ad and Other Bullshit

Seems the Lying Ratfuck Party doesn't give an option to embed their ads. So I had to go and find one of these turds on yootoob...

You know, family is important and that's why Steve sits alone in his sweater vest wringing his hands, looking hungry and just a little special needy. Now that we've all seen Stevie Large in his back to school wardrobe, what have our friends over at the Adscam Party got for us?

(Imagine a big black rectangle here, the original big black rectangle has been removed to assuage those that employ even more inferior software than the Liberals.)

Over at Red Tory's place, he's saying that the Adscam Party ad can't be embedded in Word Press. Well, that's a clever move, inter-operability is so over rated. The ad's all so heart tuggingly vague, and doesn't Rick Moranis look like he's aging gracefully. What? Dion who? Didn't he play for the Red Wings?

Whatever. Anyway, the Dirty Commies and Mullah Layton aren't to be ignored. They have their new ad ready to go as well. Oh and again, I had to go find a yootoob copy as the embedding option wasn't, yay webmasters.

The Anarchist Hippy Party under Elizabeth May don't have a "campaign ad" since they're all floating around the inter tubes on a photonic ship of wonder, waving their "Save the Pixels" rainbow coloured flags and what not. They do, however, have a hand-me-down Member of Parliament! So they are only outnumbered by independents by a factor of three or four to one.

Meanwhile over in the mountains of Frenchsylvania, the Bloc have the entirety of their web presence posted in Foreign. I found some videos but nothing that looked like an ad and none that had an embedding option. On the other hand, they do have a bitchin'
campaign song that isn't a borrowed retread from some lame 70s band. So suck it losers.

Seems the witless twats at the Adscam Party headquarters have posted their ad in a flash format that won't embed in Blogger either. So you can phone Jason Cherniak at home and he will pantomime the ad for you and hum the theme music in English and Foreign. In the mean time, please enjoy the black rectangle above, brought to you by Marcel Dion. Idiots.

UPDATERER: I broke down and went for a snoop through yootoob and no luck, couldn't find the Adscam Party ad so you'll have to suffice with the black rectangle. I did however come across this disturbing bit of video where the entire Adscam caucus tries to frighten endangered animals by clapping as loudly and stiltedly as possible (kiss my adverbs bitches).


Paladiea said...

Hehehe you're mean. I would have found that inspiring had it not been for your commentary.

Now it's just hilarious.

Beijing York said...

That Bloc song is kick ass good. Who is the band?

psa said...

Good question beijing, but it really is a good tune.

Red Tory said...

Actually, you should be able to embed the Lying Ratfuck Party's ad in Blogger. It's just Wordpress that presents that problem because it's highly restrictive on the file types that it will accept.

psa said...

Hey Red, I didn't see a embed link to the Lying Ratfuck ad on their site, hence the yootoob. It was the Adscam Party ad that I think is the problem. They did provide an embed link that just didn't work. I deleted the big black rectangle it deposited in the post and I hope that makes it all better for our readers.

Red Tory said...

The embed code is at the very end of the video. It should work in Blogger. I've seen it posted on other sites.

Stimpson said...

Re: the NDP's ad, "A new kind of strong" ain't exactly a new kinda "I want my MTV" or "Where's the beef?"
I'm saying it's kinda weak, that's all. I hope the New Dippers have something stronger next time.

Frank Frink said...

Since I'm fluent in 'Foreign' I had a poke around the BQ site. Yep, lots of 'media release announcement' type vids but no campaign ads that I could see.

To answer BY's question about the artist performing the song, that would be Matt Laurent.

From the credits on the BQ web site page

Musique et voix : Matt Laurent
Choeur : Ariane Gauthier
Basse : Kevin de Sousa

Which means, except for the bass and the backing vocals it's all Matt Laurent.

Laurent is currently the front man of the Quebec pop/rock group La Chicane. Previously a solo singer/songwriter and stage musical performer. He's been making records since 1992.

Wayne said...

"Lying Ratfuck Party"!!!!

I know you are but what am I.

psa said...

Hey kids! It's Wayne.
And he's still stupid.

Ti-Guy said...

They're not hoping to scare away animals with that clapping. You're supposed to imagine Marlene Jennings slapping Pierre Poilievre across the face, over and over and over again

*slap slap slap*...

It's rather soothing actually.

Wayne said...

The Anarchist Hippy Party Good.
Adscam Party Good.
Dirty Commies Good.
Lying Ratfuck Party you write better than that.
The McBush/Palin Party?
Just saying when you are smearing it could be better.

Ti-Guy said...

Wayne, the twatless wit.

Oh, sorry...witless twat.

CC said...

You know, Wayne, that's some pretty ironic criticism, coming from someone who's never written an original post in his life.

I just thought I'd point that out.

Wayne said...


Beijing York said...

Thanks for the background info on the artist Dr. Frink. The BQ should let Laurent put together a music video to go with it and just run that as their ad.

The more I hear "A NEW kind of strong", the more it makes me wince. It's too cute and gimmicky in my view. For some reason, I'm reminded of the CBC incessant quest for a younger demographic. I guess that's what the NDP is after. It still beats the boot ad campaign.

I would love to see an ad that attacks Harper on specific issues as opposed to tired old generalizations. Maybe each one could be listed, preceded with the statement, "Yo Harper, whaddabout...". Maybe they could get Stevie Van Zandt to do the voice over :-)

psa said...

I find myself wondering if Wayne has to put on the helmet before his socks and underoos. It must be frightening to live in a world with so many sharp corners.

Red Tory said...

There are no "sharp corners" in Wayne's World; just an endlessly dull, rounded-for-your-protection smoothness that insulates him and others of his ilk from being perturbed by any rough edges of cognitive dissonance that "reality" might present as they unctuously slither up the greasy pole...