Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Americans:

Yes, some of us really are that stupid. Why do you ask?

AFTERSNERK: I dearly love Babs' opening salvo:

How I wish I’d been the proverbial fly on the wall watching the changing expressions on Barack Obama’s face as Sarah Palin delivered her already-legendary speech at the Republican convention last Wednesday.

Yes, Babs ... "her" (as in Sarah Palin's) speech. The one carefully crafted by John McCain's handlers, and placed gently but firmly in Palin's hands, with careful instructions that those were the precise words that were to come out of her mouth.

Palin really is the perfect whinger woman -- she's told what to do, and she does it. Does life get any better (or more conservative) than that?


Dave said...

Did you notice that she got the title of Betty Frieden's book... WRONG?

CC said...

Ooooooh ... someone who misspells Friedan's name really gives up some of the moral high ground here, wouldn't you say, Dave? :-)

Dave said...

Ha! Yup!

Ti-Guy said...

Barbara Kay really loves her liars.

Niles said...

With all the 'hope mccain dies and palin becomes prez' weirdness going on south of the 49th, I was idly wondering what would happen if JM was taken out of the picture before the election? by either scandal (yes, I kill me too) or unexpected death.

Would it make any difference to the Republican campaign? Would the Republicans have to pick a new prez nomination, or just run with Palin with a new VP pick? They seem to be getting a lot more celeb hoorah out of Palin than JM at the moment and almost seem regretful JM is in the room.

Given her 'accomplishments' don't seem any weaker than GeeDub's, with 'pioneer' experience thrown in to offset the no-military past, and she's going to be the same kind of marionette as GeeDub, (if she's a handmaid, what did that make him?) That bar was set pretty low 8 years ago, she gives good prompt and lies don't matter at all apparently.