Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And the rationale for drilling in ANWR is ... what?

Over here, we read that the U.S. Senate narrowly voted to open the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for oil drilling. This is a curious development since, according to various articles, even optimistic estimates put the amount of oil in ANWR at around 10 billion barrels (and this is only a guess, it hasn't been confirmed).

Now, given that the average daily consumption of oil in the United States is (according to the Department of Energy) 20 million barrels per day, some simple math (follow along closely now) tells us that, even if ANWR pans out, it will provide less than one and a half years worth of oil for the U.S. Less than one and a half years. That's it.

And for that, they're going to wipe out ANWR? How odd. Read the article and see for yourself.


Dizzy Gillespie said...

You should have researched this just a wee bit more, CC. But, as we've all learned, you just publish any ol' thing that helps you make your point...whether it be right or not. Maybe there's a job for you at CBS? Ahaha. I joke.

so, here's what you left out:

Nearly 11 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and 19 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered gas in the region may be recoverable using existing technology.

Relatively large volumes of undiscovered oil may exist offshore central and southern California, due largely to the presence of Monterey-type strata, which are potential source and reservoir rocks.

Half of the undiscovered, conventionally recoverable oil and gas in the region may be economically recoverable under existing conditions.

Where did I get that information? Why, right off the ANWR website. (

Well, thats a little more than what you stated. I mean, 19 trillion cubic feet it a lot of gas, not to mention the estimated undiscovered offshore and onshore oil reserves.

But...whatever, right?

Anonymous said...

OK, at this point, I'm going to leave it up to my readership. Quite simply, Mr. Gillespie is easily one of the stupidest fucking people on the face of the planet. I mean, let's face it -- he's a black, Republican male. It's hard to imagine being any dumber than that.

But all that aside, there are really only three things to do with anyone who's this much of a moron:

1) Let him continue to make an ass of himself with his comments and just ignore him.

2) Simply delete his comments given how infantile and unresponsive they are.

3) Have me rip him a new asshole when he's dumb enough to come wandering in here.

Frankly, I'm tired of dealing with someone who is (using a phrase I've mentioned before) too stupid even to know how stupid he is.

"Research," Gillespie? You imbecilic little fuck, let me show you what it means to do research.

$ whois ...
Registrant Name:Clay Butcher
Reg. Org: Frontier Communications
Reg. State/Province: Alaska

And just who is "Frontier Communications" of Alaska, the official owners of the domain name of which that ignorant dick Gillespie is so enamored?. Let's see, shall we?Well, apparently, it's an Internet consulting company -- it has sweet fuck-all to do with natural resources or exploration.

Of course, I didn't even have to be that much of a technical stud. I could have just clicked on the ANWR site's "about us" link to read that this site is really "Arctic Power," which is:

"a grassroots, non-profit citizen's organization with 10,000 members founded in April of 1992 to expedite congressional and presidential approval of oil exploration and production within the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."

Well, isn't that special?

That, Dizzy, is research, you worthless asshole. Now why don't you fuck off and stop wasting my time? I get more of an intellectual challenge from my cats.

Anonymous said...

dg: i mosey'd on over here after reading your comments regarding the klan, to find this?
what is your quarrel here? "Half of the undiscovered, conventionally recoverable oil and gas in the region may be economically recoverable under existing conditions."?
who cares? it's not about whether the resources are "economically recoverable". The fact is, we have limited resources. The issue at hand is not, "how do i get cheap gas to fill the tank of my suv?" but, what alternative energy sources do we have? fact is, gas and oil will run out. maybe not in your lifetime, but soon after. then what? as self ordained stewards to this planet we have some responsibility to uphold the health of it. exploiting the batural gas and oil resources (not to mention destruction of wildlife and plant habitat), is short term egocentric thinking. Not justifiable by any means. read a little bit outside your beltway, perhaps with an open mind?

Anonymous said...
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