Thursday, November 02, 2023

Sure, let's talk about Israel.

This would be Israeli police, beating the shit out of Orthodox Jews for having the temerity to support Palestinian rights:

Watch the video here.


Anonymous said...

Jews acting like Nazis. Isn't it ironic?

Anonymous said...

Everybody is a nazi by that logic. Hitler was a vegetarian therefore all vegetarians are nazis. Sheesh

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:36:

I don’t see vegetarians running around kicking the shit out of people for not being vegetarian … just sayin’

… BTW - turning things into absolute dichotomies is just lazy.

Anonymous said...

How many IDF targets, who were cowardly hiding among a bunch of concert goers, were taken out by the raid by those valiant freedom fighters bravely emptying machine guns into the unarmed crowd at the evil concert?

How many military targets did they hit?

Was there an IDF command post found among the slaughtered?

You can't both sides that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:01PM: Yeah, we can. There’s decades of wrongdoing on all sides of this dispute - going back to 1948, and beyond. If there was ever a conflict where “both sides are terrible” was true, it’s this one.

Take your goal post moving, intellectually shallow nonsense somewhere else.