Thursday, November 30, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: You can't make this stuff up.


This would be Patrick, mocking someone who could "never hope to pay off a judgement against them."

Words fail me. Seriously.

AFTERSNARK: Yes, it is entirely possible that Patrick is simply trolling me at this point with these hilariously self-referential tweets. Oh, well ... each month, another several hundred dollars added to his bill. I suspect Patrick can continue to run and hide for a little while longer, but that does not appear to be a viable long-term strategy.


RossOwesDay said...

Twatsy is clearly too dumb and immature for self-awareness. But he's also pretty clearly projecting his own miserable life on to others.

MgS said...

So, future headline will read: "Man who has spent years ducking the law and his responsibilities now demands the courts protect his reputation"

Soon to be found on the pages of the Western (Lowered) Standard - bastion of truth and integrity in journalism that it is.

thwap said...

He's either crazier than anyone has ever given him credit for (which means REALLY FUCKING INSANE) or he's trolling you.

Anonymous said...

Is he talking about himself? I suspect you would have "let him off the hook" years ago in exchange for an apology (and your costs to that point) except you couldn't trust him not to continue to do the same, and with good reason.

Seems to be trying to muddy the waters and so encourage everyone to relax and put all this behind us. Standard operating procedure but professional grifters can do a far better job than this bozo.

BurgerBoy80 said...

This guy just can't take a hint can he?

MgS said...

I don't think he was "trolling you" - he really seems to believe that he can win in the courts every time someone says something online about him that he dislikes or claims aren't true.

To put it kindly, I don't think he understands the difference between "a mean spirited comment" (or two) and something done with "malice and forethought intended to attack someone's reputation".