Saturday, February 20, 2021


"Media outlet" that never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever had an unkind word about Trump administration putting children in razor wire cages for months:

will now shriek relentlessly and hysterically about the inhumanity of lockdowns:


Anonymous said...

This is the same Rebel that:
- posted and continued a twitter-fueled lie about a "secret Trudeau vacation" to the Caribbean
- posted a drone shot of a property in Florida owned by John Tory, showing two cars in a driveway, and spun that into a multi day fantasy of "wild parties" with huge crowds.
- has not said a word about Ted Cruz's little vacay in Mexico.

Chuck said...

Strangely, after posting a link regarding the legality of said drone footage of private property in Florida (hint: privacy laws say DO NOT DO THAT,) the kings of free speech that run their Instagram account somehow accidentally blocked me.