Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Rebel's Keean Bexte kind of needs to get his story straight.

In the midst of Dominion Voting Systems suing all of the irresponsible hack journos that talked smack about them, one might shed a tear for Rebel News' in-house white nationalist Keean Bexte who, last fall, seemed to be having a hard time trying to figure out exactly how to defame that company. To wit, here's Bexte on Nov. 17, claiming that Dominion and some org allegedly affiliated with George Soros are (and I quote) "sharing an office":

hat same day, Bexte doubles down insisting that Dominion "shares office space" with the Soros:

By Nov. 19, however, note well how Bexte is quietly backing away from his shocking scoop, claiming now only that they share the same floor:

Yeah ... simply having an office on the same floor really doesn't have the kind of journalistic scoopiness that makes Bexte's rubbish worth reading, but it is enlightening how he apparently has the smarts to realize when he's crossed a line and needs to walk it back just a bit.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to watch the way in which each Rebel team member carves out and cultivates their own individual style of clumsy mock-journalism. Keean seems to be gravitating towards fostering Q-Anon style paranoia through some of his own home-grown conspiracy-mongering.
- While "covering" the Hong Kong democracy riots with convicted woman-beater Avi Yemeni, he decided he was being spied on by secret Chinese forces, and produced as evidence a mysterious "chip" he found in his hotel room. It was unclear why China would be interested in postings to a minor Canadian group video blog, since the story was being covered in greater depth and detail by actual reporters from around the world. Oddly, the mystery "chip" was apparently never actually investigated, and nothing further was ever said.
- While "covering" lands-rights demonstrators, he took a picture of what appeared to be a tree chewed by a beaver, and breathlessly announced that his anonymous indigenous guide had told him it was a "widowmaker", a lethal trap set by the demonstrators to kill RCMP. Since it looked a lot like a beaver-chewed tree, since apparently there were, in fact, no casualties or charges laid for attempted murder, and since I've never actually heard of such a thing in forty years of travel through Indigenous Canada, I suspect his guide was pulling his leg. But Keean bought it.
- By deft use of verb tenses and vague language, he attempted to suggest that "Trudeau" was training Chinese pilots at Canadian air bases. Actually, he was referring to a handful of Chinese students (among dozens of other students)at a private-sector school at a former municipal airport. Since the Chinese air force doesn't use many single-prop planes, his concern seemed a trifle unwarranted.

I'm never sure whether these folks actually believe the drivel they write, or whether they're simply stringing together hot buttons and using the words "Justin Trudeau" as a kind of rage-inducing connective fluid.