Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy Jesus, Wayne, but you are an imbecile.

In the comments section back here, Wayne demonstrates that he is one of the most dishonest or one of the stupidest human beings alive, and I'm not sure which possibility scares me more. Let's deal with his breathtaking idiocy one tasty excerpt at a time.

First, Wayne points us at this image:

and writes:

This is a Pic of Tim Balls PHD.

No, it's not. Look at the date on that document, you fucking moron: "28 June 2006". I realize this may be too deep for you to grasp, Wayne, but any document dated "28 June 2006" cannot possibly be Tim Ball's Ph.D. How hard is that for you to wrap your intellect around, Wayne? Jesus Christ, what a maroon.

[UPDATE: Just in case someone wants to be pedantic, the above document cannot possibly be anyone's Ph.D. since, by definition, a Ph.D. is not a piece of paper. A Ph.D. is the degree that has been conferred on you; the piece of paper that goes with that would be properly called a "diploma."

In addition, what you see above is not even a diploma. Given that it's dated 2006, it is clearly a copy of an official transcript, simply proving that a Ph.D. was at one time awarded. Are we clear on all of this?

Bandy words with me, will you? I think not.]

In addition, even Ball admits that his Ph.D. is in "Geography":

"I have a PhD in Geography with a specific focus on historical climatology from the University of London (England), Queen Mary College," Dr. Ball told Canada Free Press (CFP) yesterday in a telephone interview.

Are we clear now, Wayne? Despite your overwhelming ignorance, Ball's Ph.D. is not in climatology, as you have claimed. Rather, it's in geography, as I have claimed. The fact that he chose to focus on the specific area of climatology does not change the area in which the Ph.D. was awarded, but I never expected a dimwit like you to be able to appreciate the distinction.

God Almighty, Wayne, how can someone so stupid even dress themselves in the morning without help? And, no, we're not done with Wayne yet. There's just too much dumbfuckitude there to deal with all at once without starting to drink heavily. More later.

Onward, then, to deal with the rest of Wayne's overwhelming stupidity in that previous comment.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yeah, Wayne ... Wikipedia -- that's where I go when I need an authoritative reference. Moron.

Timothy F. Ball

Academic background
Ball taught geography at the University of Winnipeg until 1996.

Who the fuck cares, and what does that have to do with anything?

He has a B.A. from the University of Winnipeg, an M.A. from the University of Manitoba and a Ph.D.[2] from the University of London, England.

See previous comment.

He has been cited [3] as the first Canadian to hold a Ph.D. in climatology.

We have already determined that he does not hold a Ph.D. in "climatology". End of discussion.

This claim has been disputed in a letter to the editor of the Calgary Herald, and is currently the subject of a lawsuit undertaken by Ball against the writer, the Herald and its publishers.

There is no point in "disputing" this claim as it is obviously and demonstrably false. Now do us all a favour, Wayne, and (I say this with the utmost respect) fuck off. Seriously, you are quite possibly the stupidest person ever to comment on this blog and, trust me, you have some fairly high-powered competition in that category.

The mind reels. It purely does.

BONUS TRACK. Since Wayne brought up Tim Ball's lawsuit, anyone who's truly interested can go here to see the actual court documents, and to see just how full of it both Tim Ball and Wayne really are. As if that needed any further demonstration.


Anonymous said...

This might be a stupid question but, given I've yet to finish my BA, I figured I would ask. But what the hell does climatology have to do with being a Doctor of Philosophy anyway?

I mean I liked philosophy, even though my instructor kept trying to prove there was a god. He said that if you study philosophy the only thing you'll be good for in the real world is teaching philosophy certainly not predicting patterns of climate change in large systems.

Anonymous said...

CC- thank you for the information. I will look into it.

...... wayne

MgS said...

One small point - that transcript letter does show that Ball's area of research was "climatology", but given the specific topic appears to have been an analysis of historical data, and not projecting change over time it certainly calls into question whether or not Ball has the appropriate background to comment on modern day climate change issues.

Rosie said...

e in md,

as a PhD student, a PhD degree, although it states a doctor of philosophy, can be in any subject that someone has a higher level of understanding of and can prove the ability of critical thought in. I guess you would be educated in the "philosophy" of the subject. my supervisor often states (I am in science), "since when did they take the "philosophy" out of PhD?". Because mostly it has become a pool of arrogant boneheads proving how smart and omniscient they are rather than actually working together to better the world as we know it. That's my two cents on the subject.

Tim Ball is doing an awful lot of "proving" himself as a PhD. Seems fishy to me. He's a science whore. Total sell-out.

thwap said...

"Philosophy" means "lover of knowledge."

Knowledge about how the world (of our senses anyway) worked was called "Natural Philosophy" which became "Natural Science" by some process that I forget.

Rosie said...

That makes more sense.....guess I should know more about what I've gotten myself into ;)

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

If anyone has any questions on Halifax, ask me, because I have a master's degree in that town.

Have scientisits proven that terrorists remain a threat?

Rosie said...

hey, I'm in halifax.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Rosie said: "Hey, I'm in Halifax."

Ask me anything.

Anonymous said...

If the following link is correct, the world's first, actual, degree in Climatology was first instituted in the year 2000 in Australia. If that is the case then most of those describing themselves as Climatologists actually have their degree in something else.

And, in fact, if you read the bios of many of those involved in researching climate change their degrees are in Physics, Geology, Geomorphology, Meteorology etc but with a specific interest in climate related study. Whatever one may think of Tim Ball he is hardly alone in this.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, those real and respected "climatologists" mentioned in Dan Johnson's letter to the Calgary Herald, Kenneth Hare, Timothy Oke, and Andre Robert all had Ph.D's in, guess what, Geography!

Dan L. Johnson said...

Speak of the devil and he is bound to appear. Some "research" into topics may be helpful. There have been many theses in geography and the like (yes, even in Canada, back to WWII and earlier), so the Universities and libraries try to keep the information straight. Example: