Monday, March 19, 2007

Now THAT'S what I call "compassionate conservatism."

Pay no mind to the fact that Canadian Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor is stunningly ignorant about basic issues like the Geneva Conventions and the protection of detainees. Despite having lied to the House of Commons, it seems like the Blogging Tories are in a forgiving mood ...
... here:

This Is Why They Call Him “Honourable”

It’s great to see a parliamentarian deliver an apology without any reservation at all...

Isn’t it refreshing to hear a real apology instead of the using blame the victim, “If you were offended by misinterpreting what I said then I’m sorry” apology we’ve come to listen to in past years? Should another apology have to be delivered, I hope the Honourable Member follow O’Connor’s example.

... and here:

It’s the way that O’Connor apologized that makes all the difference: a statement of regret plus a claim of responsibility.

Of course the Opposition could now switch gears and clamor for O’Connor’s resignation, but doing so would merely be discounted by attentive voters as a partisan exercise.

I’ll have a link to the full statement up tomorrow, but for now I’ll just say that O’Connor has, at the very least, enhanced the Tory reputation for wanting to be straight — both with Parliamentary tradition, and with the voting public at large.

Yeah, a real, heartfelt apology -- what a great idea, right, Matt? Still waiting ...

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Anonymous said...

You'll find that the usual suspects in this case are quite silent.
I've tried to raise a ruckus over it but it's a done deal for them. They don't care. No matter how many Canadian fathers, sons, mothers and daughters die, it's nothing in the face of the LIE they keep telling. O'Connor has lost those detainees and they have been killed, or O'Connor lost them and they are back shooting at Canadians again. Who knows? Not our new government, that is obvious.
If it wasn't for people like you sounding the alarm, these people would never wake up. Even faced with the gutshot and busted vets coming home who learn that their own government was just as bad as who they were fighting. It's shameful.
Can we get an answer in the House?