Thursday, December 29, 2005

Paul Martin really should learn to shut up.

I've never been a Paul Martin fan and I'm becoming less of one by the day. Consider this (emphasis added):

Goodale came under fire Wednesday after the RCMP said it has launched a criminal investigation into allegations that a Finance Department announcement was leaked to Bay Street...

"The RCMP has said there is no evidence of wrongdoing on Mr. Goodale's behalf, his office or his department," Martin said.

How exactly can the RCMP say there is no evidence of wrongdoing when they've just launched the investigation? If the RCMP actually said that, it was an incredibly stupid thing to say.

This is one of those rare occasions where Martin might actually want to take a page out of George Bush's playbook: "We are not going to comment on an ongoing investigation." And leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

The reason that Martin can say that there is no evidence against Goodale or his department is likely because the RCMP is first looking at who received the leaked information. They can then flip the recipient to get the bigger fish: the leaker. Until they have a stool pigeon, the RCMP is likely staying away from the Ministry of Finance to avoid unfairly influencing the election.

Gypsyblog said...

Stupid or just a shit load of pressure, but the coppers actually did say that, word for word:

"In particular, the RCMP wishes to note that at this time there is no evidence of wrongdoing or illegal activity on the part of anyone associated to this investigation including the Minister of Finance Ralph Goodale."

CC said...

Hmmmm ... upon further reflection, I guess I'm not all that upset with the RCMP's statement. It seems appropriately neutral so I can live with it.

I will ponder on this further.

DenommeX said...

The greatest thing about an RCMP investigation into the Liberals is...we already know that their guilty we're just waiting for the details of why at this particular time!

It doesn't matter what Martin says either, once all three parties start squabling over it, we'll all get tired of hearing about it, and then systematically zone out and wait for the next stupid/controversial thing to be said!