Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Logical analysis, CPC style.

Oh, dear. It appears that my recent suggestion to join the Blogging Tories didn't go over well, least of all with a number of conservatives. At issue was whether one necessarily had to be a "Tory" to be a "Blogging Tory," for which one commenter, "AlbertaAvenue," upbraided me thusly:

Complete and utter nonsense. I am a member of CPC, but not a member of BT.

(Long pause.)

OK, let me try that again ... (Obligatory reference to Monty Python logic skit, to which level of critical thinking commenter can only aspire. Sheesh.)


Red Tory said...

Amusing idea, although I wouldn't want to hang with most of the cretinous riff-raff that post there. In any case, despite my handle, I don't imagine I'd be welcome.

Anonymous said...

maybe they think you're this guy

Kirby said...

So the Tories have learned how to use the internet? How very progressive of them.

Somena Woman said...

How bout we start a "REAL BLOGGING TORY BLOGGING ALLIANCE" That actually meets the contradictory criteria that has been espoused from time to time from the owners about membership...

And then we would all be blogging tories... after all -- if on the one hand as ferret house said to Gina after she said something critical of der leader...

"Dissent? You stated that you no longer support the Conservative Party. And you expect to remain on a blogroll for the Conservative Party?"

And yet various other BTs say "just because you are a BT, doesnt make you a conservative" --

It seems a little self-contradictory.

I propose a "Blogging Tory Alliance Of Blogging Tories Who Are Not Actually Tories Or Conservatives Or Members of the Conservative Party"

How does that sound?