Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Deat Intelligent Design supporters: Quit your whining.

(All right, so I misspelled "Dear" and I can't change it 'cuz links will break. Grrrr ...)

Over here, Jason Rosenhouse points out the really grating hypocrisy of the supporters of ID. When actual scientists refused to have anything to do with the farce that went down in Kansas recently, ID supporters crowed about how all them evolutionists were too scared to actually compete on ideas. "Bring it on," said the ID supporters, "you chicken or what?"

So then came Dover, PA, and the scientists did indeed bring it on, crushing ID in every way imaginable, and the reaction from the ID proponents was predictable indeed -- carping, grousing and whining about the unfairness of the trial and that dadburned Darwinist, activist judge.

It seems like there's just no pleasing these people -- whether you're hoofing them in the nads or not hoofing them in the nads, they're going to bitch about it, anyway. Wankers.


Gary said...

There is a strong case for ID sitting in the White House. One would hate to think we evolved to a George Bush. Then again... it would have to be renamed SD (Stupid Design).


Yeah don't ya hate that when that happens you get the headline wrong click create and opps. Ah well what you can do is cut the text save the old entry as draft. Create a new entry paste text and rename it. Delete draft. Viola. nah just leave it.