Saturday, December 24, 2005

Misogyny? Who, me?

Oh, dear. From the comments back here, we have "anonymous" snarkily chiding yours truly regarding racist and/or misogynistic comments that allegedly appear on this blog from time to time.

Note to "anonymous": referring to Michelle Malkin as a "crazy-assed bitch™" is not misogynistic. This is misogynistic. See the difference?


Somena Woman said...

Just plug in my name to a few blogging tory sites and see me refferenced as an "inhalent abusing' "crazy" "stupid" and "fat" "whore" as well as a "parasite" - along with the obligatory jokes about drunk indians etc...

Seriously.... anybody wants to take you to task for your comments about Michelle Malkin - I'll be happy to look up the cites of these Blogging Tories who have said these sorts of things and worst to their most hated
"Uppity Injun" in the blogworld - i.e. Moi!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. god. I simply cannot believe the garbage that "Vox Day" guy spits out. I'll bet he's on someone's hate watch list.