Saturday, December 24, 2005

Canada's 2005 "Wanker of the Year" contest!

In the spirit of The Poor Man's "Wank of the Year" competition, I wish to propose the Progressive Bloggers' own "Canadian Wanker of the Year" contest, in which we here in Left Blogsylvania recognize the year's single transcendent example of jaw-dropping, mind-numbing, shock-and-awe-inducing wankery.

This wouldn't reflect any overall level of wankerosity; no lifetime achievement award. No, this would represent that one shining example where minimally sane Canadians stared in stunned disbelief and gasped, "Jesus Christ, how freakin' stupid can one person be?"

I think Scott T. should set up the voting over at and, as the first nominee, I think we need look no further than one Rob Anders and his crusade against "homosexual sex marriage".

Go on -- top that.

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Mark Richard Francis said...

Merry Christmas!