Friday, December 30, 2005

Uh oh ... SOMEBODY'S starting to feel the pressure.

Notice anything interesting about the last few White House Press gaggles? I'm thinking somebody's going to be spending a lot more time with his family in the near future, if you catch my drift.

AFTERSNARK: I'm thinking someone with Photoshop-like skills might take that banner graphic and mess with it to show li'l Scottie giving the Corps the finger. Anyone?

: It's hard to believe they're still trying to put this over on the public, but check out the openings of the last two press gaggles. First, Dec. 27:

MR. DUFFY: Good morning. Let me update you on the President's schedule. Yesterday, after arriving, he went out and did some cutting and clearing brush, and then was at his home on the ranch. And this morning he had his normal intelligence briefings, and he was out this morning clearing some brush ...

And Dec. 28:

... The President had his normal intelligence and daily briefings this morning, and was out clearing brush.

You'd think that someone would have pointed out to His Preznitness that clearing brush is what undocumented Mexican workers are for. Or something.

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