Monday, December 12, 2005

Republicans: The party of sleaze.

Yeah, yeah, the party of morals and values and all that. It's nice to see Stephen Harper has such an admirable role model.

Yes, payback can be a real bitch, can't it?

SERIOUSLY, THOUGH, I'm thinking about the various demonstrations of U.S. support for Stephen Harper and thinking how the other parties can use that to their advantage.

If I was in a pissy mood (hey, it happens) and responsible for creating TV ads for the Liberals, I might have a rapid-fire sequence of Bush administration and neo-con sleaze and corruption, followed by the article in which Stephen Harper is described as such an admirer of George Bush, and an ominous voice-over: "If you like what George Bush has done to America, you'll love Stephen Harper." Or something like that.

Unless Harper explicitly and publicly denounces American interference in the upcoming election, I think ripping him with guilt by association is just fine.


Josh said...

And their response would be something like, "Liberals are anti-American," which is great, because for some reason they don't seem to understand that "anti-American" can actually win you votes in this country.

That's not a bad idea.

AWEB said...

I'm glad the Washington Times knows Harper lost the last election by being "tarred" as pro-American. Hell, I pay obsessive attention to politics, and I didn't know that. I thought he lost after calling his opponent a child pornographer, campaigning against gay rights, and generally not being liked or trusted. The pro-americanness of his stances are just coincidence.

The war in Iraq, the missle shield, free trade (with a partner who doesn't obey the rules) and killing Kyoto are all terrible ideas. That makes me anti-stupid, not anti-American. Sadly, it's an easy mistake to make sometimes.