Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Redefining "self-loathing" in a whole new way.

We only spied on very bad people (emphasis added):

"This is not about monitoring phone calls designed to arrange Little League practice or what to bring to a potluck dinner," [Bush spokesman Trent Duffy] told reporters. "These are designed to monitor calls from very bad people to very bad people who have a history of blowing up commuter trains, weddings, and churches."

Well, dammit. I told you those Catholics were trouble.

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Somena Woman said...

"Ve Only Spied On Ze Sympathizers Of Ze Evil Joos!" If You Are Not An Evil Joo Zympathizer, You have Nothing... Nothing to Worry About Herr Commandant!" ---

It's really very simple CC...

It's called The "I know NOTHINK... I See NOTHINK" -Sgt-Shultz Approach to Supposedly Constitutionally Protected Privacy Rights in the United States.

I swear to god, when I cross the border to get back home into Canada, I am going to hug the brown-shirted customs agent at the gate, with tears of joy in my eyes at being back home!

Maybe people need to live outside of Canada for a couple of years to come to love and appreciate their country as much as I have these past 2 years...