Saturday, December 31, 2005

New York Times vs Washington Post: The race to the bottom.

These days, it's hard to tell which is the crappier standard of journalistic excellence, the Times or the Post. Just recently, we had the Times sitting on the illegal wiretapping story for a year, then hypocritically moralizing about it.

Now it's the Post's turn, with this wretchedly dishonest piece of swill by neo-con hacks and water carriers Bill Kristol and Gary Schmitt, which Judd over at Think Progress deconstructs nicely.

Times, back to you. I'm thinking a properly rancid David Brooks column should show the Post who's in charge here.

Dear Times: Never mind. The Post just took a commanding lead.

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Greg Fingas said...

Note this gem from the second article:

The president "clears brush like he rides his bike," said deputy press secretary Trent Duffy, who has sawed beside Bush. "He goes at it."

Given Bush's track record with bikes, why would anybody want to face the dangers of "sawing beside Bush"? (Aside from it being a form of hazing for anybody joining Bushco's inner circle.)