Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Iraq officially going down the tubes.

"My 'democracy'-loving dictator invaded Iraq and forced them to hold elections, and all I got was a divided nation to show for it":

Iraq's election result: a divided nation

Iraq is disintegrating. The first results from the parliamentary election last week show the country is dividing between Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions.

Religious fundamentalists now have the upper hand. The secular and nationalist candidate backed by the US and Britain was humiliatingly defeated.

The Shia religious coalition has won a total victory in Baghdad and the south of Iraq. The Sunni Arab parties who openly or covertly support armed resistance to the US are likely to win large majorities in Sunni provinces. The Kurds have already achieved quasi-independence and their voting reflected that.

The election marks the final shipwreck of American and British hopes of establishing a pro-Western secular democracy in a united Iraq.

Good job, neo-cons. Next stop: Iran?


Glyn (Zaphod) Evans said...

I would say "only if they are absolute fools..." but we already know the answer to that one don't we :)

Zorpheous said...

Judging by tose election Election results I'd say Iran won the Iraq election, no?