Friday, December 23, 2005

Hypocrisy by any other name.

Following a recent bit of snark from Ms. Z, we have this dimbulb, who seems purely horrified at the thought of Islamic influence creeping into Canadian politics.

Yes, trying to mix religion and politics in Canada -- you'd have to be a truly evil fuck to want to do that sort of thing, wouldn't you?

STOP THE PRESSES!! And from this easily-excited wingnut, we have:

URGENT UPDATE - Liberal Candidate Alghabra Denies Statement

Yes! Urgent! It's urgent that you know that the Liberal candidate denies saying that which we now apologize for having accused him of saying in the first place! In short, there is no story here! Film at 11, for God's sake!!


M@ said...

(Somewhat) in defence of this Kenneth guy, at least he published a full apology.

Then again, in the addendum to the apology post, he quotes the ridiculous "These days, whenever something goofy turns up on the news, chances are it involves a fellow called Mohammed" thing.

Honestly, how people can say stuff like that and not realise that they are total and utter racists, I have no idea. Confirmation bias, anyone?

CC said...

As you say, once you get past the apology, Kenneth appears to revert back to the hateful, racist bigot that he is.

For one brief shining moment, he was almost human. It didn't last long, did it?

Anonymous said...

since there has been much discussion on this blog in recent days as to what the use of language betrays about an author's racist (or misogynist) heart, perhaps you should step lightly around this topic.