Saturday, December 31, 2005

And the Ottawa Citizen embarrasses itself.

Commenter Mike (from another post) points us at this article by columnist David Warren in today's Ottawa Citizen which (perhaps mercifully) you can read only the first line of:

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the Darwinoids

My favourite letter-to-the-editor all year was from a certain Rod Bhar of Carleton Place, who noted the large amount of space the Citizen had devoted to the 100th anniversary of Einstein's three most famous papers.

Awwwwww ... isn't that just adorable? David has a cute, condescending pet name for people who are smarter than he can ever hope to be. That's so sweet. Maybe we can come up with a clever nickname for David. I'm thinking "pompous, ignorant fuckwad" but I was hoping for something catchier.

In any case, perhaps someone who has access to the entire article can e-mail it to me and I can post it. Then we can all see what kind of doofus Warren really is. I suspect there will be no huge surprises.

AH, THERE WE GO: Commenter Aeolus points us to Mr. Warren's pompous, uneducated ranting online here. Go read it, and appreciate the fact that Warren actually got paid to write it.

I'm particularly amused by this surprisingly open admission:

I continue to draw inspiration from so many simple people, lacking the intellectual means to confute the Darwinian priesthood in the academy, ...

I mean, when was the last time you saw someone so publicly announce that his intellectual role models were, well, morons? At the very least, you have to give Warren credit for honesty.

TIT FOR TAT: Ah, it just came to me. If Warren is going to make up snarky, demeaning terms like "Darwinoid" to describe his detractors and intellectual superiors, it's only fair that we get to do the same in reverse.

I believe the term "dumbfuck" works just fine here. Go on -- tell me I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

This would be giving fuckwads everywhere a much worstened reputation!

v said...

" Maybe we can come up with a clever nickname for David. I'm thinking "pompous, ignorant fuckwad""

I believe he is known as "Slipperboy" in some circles?

I actually gave him an Anal Award for "Best Ivory Tower Guy" once because I like a lot of his writing but that was before he went squirrelly and predicted a Liberal majority, so he's fair game now.

CC said...

Ah ... so Warren knows nothing about science or politics. Excellent. That makes him pretty much the perfect politics and science columnist for the Citizen.

Aeolus said...

Here's the link you want:

Anonymous said...

That's it, CC? Warren writes a piece beating up on evolution and your best response is just to call him a "dumbfuck"?

No wonder evolution is getting creamed in the scientific community if it has defenders like you. You can't even dispute his points, can you?

That guy said...

"evolution is getting creamed in the scientific community"


OK, that was really funny.

Anonymous said...