Friday, December 23, 2005

Ah, the beauty of open source.

Good Lord -- evidence of intelligent life over at the Wingnuterer. Of course, some of us have been open source geeks since before it was cool. That would explain the overwhelming smugness.

I'm waiting for the bumper sticker: "My other PDA runs Linux, too."

FOR THE HARDCORE GEEK: Not sure how to make your Linux system sing, dance and do everything that crappy, P.O.S. Windows box of yours can? Let me help.

: Again of interest probably only to the geeks among you but this is the kind of evil chaos you get into when you don't have access to the source code.

You'd think these folks would have wised up to this by now. Apparently not.


Zorpheous said...

My smuggness isn't because I just discovered open source, shit I have known about for years. My smugness comes from the fact that got one of my clients off the MS Junkie list. Next year I'll work on them to switching to Linux workstations.

Years ago I use to code in C++ for SCO based server solutions. Now I'm into php, MySQL, Apache. I still like the Novell server solutions, Novell has always been a rock solid server platform. The only time I have to reboot a Novell server is when I have down it for physical maintainance.

Anyways, I had been meaning to blog about those apps for months now, but never got around to it, and it was this month that I did my first pitch and sold a client on the idea. And yes they will be donating to these Open Source coding projects, I'm still twisting their arm to get them make a nice health "Thank you", but it will still be no where near what they were FORCED to pay to that whoring pimp Microsoft.

I'm still smiling about the fact that kicked Billy boy in the balls.

Merry Christmas CC, figures you're an Open Source Geek, it shows in the intelligence design (nuk nuk nuk) of your post.

Keep those Blogging Bow Shots aimed south.

CC said...

When I wrote "smugness," I meant me, silly boy.

Zorpheous said...

LOL, just followed that link to the Diebold story. LOL, oh man, you know I explain this to my clients from time to time, sometime the paper and pen are still the best solution, and I think voting is one of those cases.

Zorpheous said...

can't we both be smug? Cause I am feeling very smug about saving my client major cash. ;-)

Anonymous said...

seems like you two are smug anough for the entire state of NC. But isn't the point of the article that NC should go back to paper ballots?
asked by a non-geek.

CC said...

But isn't the point of the article that NC should go back to paper ballots?

Not necessarily. A simple solution would be an electronic voting machine that simultaneously created a paper trail, something the voting machine manufacturers are adamantly opposed to.

Zorpheous said...

CC, that would just make to much sense, come on,... why that would almost qualify as an intelligent design ;-) A paper trail, nope can't have that.