Friday, February 02, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Still as bad at the law as ever.

An anonymous tipster informs me that undischarged bankrupt Patrick "The Full Monty" Ross continues to talk smack about me (while still failing to move along his meritless lawsuit), apparently suggesting that I defamatorily accused him of "fraud." Yes, I did ... specifically, identify fraud which, for the hard of thinking, I explained in some detail back here.

In short, it is going to be difficult for Patrick to deny committing identity fraud when he has already openly admitted on social media to doing just that.

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P.S. A specific example of identity fraud is having unsolicited crap sent to someone's home to annoy them, and I have persuasive evidence that Patrick did exactly that to me some years ago (despite getting the address wrong, although the mail carrier knew my name so knew where to deliver it correctly).

If Patrick wants to move forward with his idiotic lawsuit, I will question him under oath as to whether he was responsible for that, and if he admits it, well ... you can see where I'm going with this.

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Anonymous said...

He's obviously bad at Twitter too.

Hasn't tweeted anything in 4 days from @OutlawTory but is engaging like crazy on @DragonFireIdeas. I think someone got suspended and is breaking the rules to still participate.

I'd hate it if people suddenly mass reported this to Twitter. He is all about rules and regulations.