Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: "By proxy."

Something I might never have mentioned before now but undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Rockin' the Mullet" Ross, when drafting his inane legal filings against me, has a great deal of difficulty accusing me of anything directly, which is why his pleadings love to use phrases like I "directed" or "advised" or "encouraged" other people to do stuff, at which point Patrick pivots to demand that I be held accountable for the actions of other parties.

Consider, if you will, these two paragraphs from Patrick's Statement of Claim from August of 2022:

Note how, in paragraph 19, Patrick does not specifically accuse me of harassment; rather, he uses the weasel words that I "led a campaign" of harassment. Continue to the very next paragraph where, again, Patrick has obvious trouble pinning any of the blame on me directly, so he backpedals quietly and suggests only that I "encouraged" others.

Such is the pattern of Patrick's complaints -- unable to actually accuse me of anything in the first person, Patrick's writings are replete with phrases like "inspired by" or "encouraged his followers" or "directed others" or (one of Patrick's favourites) that I caused things to happen "by proxy." And there is the delightful accusation earlier in that very SoC, where Patrick takes issue with (and I am not making this up) "individuals acting in concert" with me.

I think you're starting to understand why Patrick has precious little enthusiasm for getting this case in front of a judge.

BONUS TRACK: I almost forgot about this adorable example from the same Statement of Claim:

wherein I apparently "organized" my readers in some nefarious activity. I think I've made my point.

P.S. I am still interested in any legal beagle in Alberta who is willing to assist me in filing motions in that province.

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Anonymous said...

I thought RICO was a US law, but it seems PR doesn't know this. You can get a much larger amount of money in a RICO case. Four million would be at the low end so the thinking may be that it is more likely to fly as a low end of a bigger charge.