Thursday, February 08, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Apparently, I'm not the only one ...

A recent comment from an anonymous tipster suggests at least one other party is investing some actual coin in tracking down Lloydminster's favourite financial fugitive:
... [Patrick Ross] is working for FluidPro in Clairmont, Alberta. I was able to confirm this by calling their offices and asking for him. I left the phone number to the Saskatchewan Sheriffs office with explicit instructions for him to update his place of employment, address, and bank account information to resume garnish proceedings against him from maliciously defaming an individual in 2010. I made it clear to the woman I spoke with that this be done immediately due to his avoidance of providing accurate information to the Sheriffs and Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy offices.

I informed her I'm a private investigator from Lead Investigations Inc out of Calgary who's been hired for an online investigation to locate him for several parties.

This blog has confirmed, accurately, on several occasions Mr. Ross' world is shrinking daily and avoidance of his personal legal issues is no way to settle them.

It's highly recommended he contact the Saskatchewan Sheriff's offices or Lead Investigators Inc at (403) 630-7173 to provide location information that will allow us to serve documents on his person.
To be clear, I do not know who this commenter is, and I have not hired the investigations firm in question; I have, however, verified that such an investigations firm exists in Calgary at that phone number so that much seems accurate.

Coincidentally(?), Patrick has now not tweeted anything on his regularly defamatory "OutlawTory" Twitter account for almost a week, and one is free to wonder if these events are related. In any event, if the anonymous commenter above wants to drop me a note at "" to chat, all discussion will be kept entirely confidential.

Perhaps we may be of assistance to each other.

P.S. As regular readers will know, I've made it clear that the instant Patrick Ross tries to proceed with his worthless lawsuit against me, I will require him to disclose where he lives and works and how to properly serve him, and I will share that information with anyone else looking to unload papers on him.

P.P.S. It might be worth noting that not only is Patrick defaming someone by referring to them as "Pedochuckles," but Patrick's relentless insistence on repeating that descriptor over and over and over:

would be interpreted by the Court as unmistakable evidence of malice, which would defeat almost all of Patrick's defenses.

In fact, that is how I got my ruling of malicious defamation against Patrick -- by showing the Court that not only did Patrick defame me, but that he kept repeating the same defamation admittedly to injure my reputation. The judge's finding of malice was probably the easiest decision he had in his career.

If Patrick's target above ever gets ahold of Patrick with legal service, Patrick is toast.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure this commenter isn't Patrick, impersonating a PI and hoping to goad you into doing something he can sue over? Seems like exactly the sort of thing he'd do.

CC said...

Anon @ 4:21 AM: That is an interesting thought, it had not occurred to me, but it would be such a hideous example of the crime of identity fraud ( that I doubt even Patrick is so stupid as to try to pull it off.

Anyway, the commenter is welcome to drop me a note and confirm his (or her) legitimacy. I'd certainly like to know who else is trying to serve Patrick, and for what.

Anonymous said...

If there's someone trying to serve Twatsy, I'm betting it's the guy he keeps calling "Pedochuckles." Accusing someone of being a pedophile is pretty much Patrick's go-to way to insult people.

double nickel said...

Threre is no way twatsy wrote that. It's too grammatically correct.

Augray said...

I agree with Double Nickle. Patrick didn't write that. I've been following this situation for a long time, and for a while there have been hints that some other, um, "entity" has been trying to track down Patrick, so this development isn't a huge surprise, but I think it's rather game-changing. I think that this is the year that it all comes crashing down on Patrick.

CC said...

Augray: I've mentioned this before but if anyone looking to serve Patrick needs more info about him, drop me a line and I'll share with you everything I have on him.

Anonymous said...

And "shit" Stain only claimed Mann molests data like a child molester does with children.

Hire his lawyer and get your million