Monday, February 26, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy lawsuitversary!

It occurs that in addition to the monthly "Happy Interestversary" post, I should also mark the passage of time since undischarged bankrupt and northern Alberta swamp thing Patrick "Stud Muffin" Ross filed his worthless four million dollar defamation action against me back on August 26, 2022:

And while this might seem slightly juvenile, it actually has some legal value as reminding Patrick of his moldering, dormant action will be used when I eventually file to have it dismissed as abandoned, and I can prove to the Court that Patrick had this pointed out to him on a regular basis and still neglected to move his moronic lawsuit forward.

So, happy lawsuitversary.

P.S. And, yes, I'm still interested in someone who can file motions for me in Alberta. Not asking anyone to do this for free; of course I'll pay.

P.P.S. Anyone in the vicinity of Casa Ross in Lloydminster is invited to do a drive-by and report on whether anything interesting is happening there. It's been well over half a year and if the property has not gone on the market, that suggests that its disposition had already been resolved before now.

AFTERSNARK: I have just had it confirmed by a legal acquaintance that regularly (and publicly) reminding Patrick of his ongoing negligence regarding this lawsuit is actually fairly clever since it will demonstrate to the Court that, when I eventually file to have that stupidity dismissed as abandoned, I did not try to spring it on Patrick; rather, I gave him plenty of warning at regular intervals. Any reasonable Court will find that I satisfied my (minimal) obligations to want to move this along, and it was Patrick who wasted all this time and refused to do so.

That will not play well with the Court.

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