Sunday, January 07, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Coming in 2024 ...

(JAN 8 UPPITY DATE at the bottom.)

As I promised, some definitely stream-of-consciousness updates on what Lloydminster's favourite trustee-less undischarged bankrupt and massively-indebted legal fugitive Patrick "Hey, girls, get a taste of this" Ross might look forward to in 2024, and why it's probably not going to be a terrific year for him.  (It should go without saying that, even as he dodges and weaves, every month puts him several hundred dollars further in debt to me, but we all know that by now.)

Apart from Patrick's disintegrating life (exacerbated by the passing of his remaining parent, leaving Patrick effectively homeless and on the run from various government agencies, legal authorities, collectors and -- apparently -- at least one other mystery party trying to serve him), we're here to discuss Patrick's moronic and frivolous defamation lawsuit against me, one which he has already openly admitted is nothing more than an attempt to get me to settle with him and forgive his debt.

As I have already described, that action is monstrously idiotic in that it incorporates (among other things) the following absurdities:

  • Patrick is asking for four million dollars in damages (while presenting evidence of no damage whatsoever)
  • Patrick is trying to sue for defamation related to stuff that happened as far back as 2008
  • Most of the affidavit details behaviour, not by me, but by other parties, that Patrick wants to blame me for
  • There is a listed co-defendant, "John/Jane Doe", who -- after a year and a half -- Patrick has not yet identified

There's much more silliness, but here's where I believe Patrick is going to have problems sometime in 2024.

See, after I attempted to dismiss that ridiculous action in December of 2022 (I failed simply because I did not file the proper paperwork, so that is definitely on me), one would think that Patrick would have jumped all over that and proceeded to push this action along. One would think incorrectly as, since then, Patrick has done absolutely nothing to proceed with this action.

This should surprise no one, as it is precisely Patrick's pattern to file dumbass actions/motions, then just let them sit there for no other reason than he wants to be able to claim that he is suing someone (precisely what he is doing here). Let me repeat that for the hard of thinking -- for the entirety of 2023, Patrick did absolutely nothing to advance this lawsuit, preferring instead to brag on social media as to how he was suing me, all that time doing nothing whatsoever to advance that action.

(It is worth pointing out that the Court really dislikes this sort of thing -- filing an action, then just letting it sit in a desk drawer while simultaneously bragging about it. I have all of the relevant screenshots and they will be put before the Court when the time comes. But ... onward.)

So, where is all this new content you were promised? Here: I predict that Patrick will do nothing with this action in the foreseeable future, and here's why.

First, since he is self-represented, he is legally required to provide a proper and legal address for service. He refuses to do this, listing instead the Lloydminster address of his late father. That is not sufficient and he knows it, and it's unlikely that he will provide to me and the Court his current residence or place of employment so it's safe to say he's not keen to take that next step. But it gets worse.

As pleadings have been exchanged, the next step would be questioning, and I would insist that I get to question Patrick first, and I would absolutely require him to disclose all sorts of useful information, such as years of pay stubs and tax returns, and the wills of both parents, and any interest in property and on and on and on, all of that under oath. And I'm going to guess that Patrick really, really, really doesn't want to do that, but that would be the next step. So now you see why I don't think Patrick is really keen on pushing this. But it gets worse. (You will hear that phrase a lot.)

If this case does eventually go to trial, Patrick would definitely not be allowed to participate virtually. He did that for the dismissal hearing back in December of 2022, and the judge was decidedly unimpressed, telling Patrick pointedly that since he was local to Grande Prairie where the action was filed, he was expected to attend in person. If/when this trial begins, I would ensure that all interested parties (Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, law enforcement, unknown third parties looking to serve Patrick) were fully aware of the time and location and were at the courthouse waiting for him with summonses/papers/handcuffs/whatever. So I'm going to guess Patrick is not going to be looking forward to Day One of that trial. But it gets worse.

If Patrick still wants to proceed with this, I will file a motion, insisting that he put up significant money before moving forward. Given Patrick's long, sordid and well-documented history of refusing to pay costs or obey court orders, I will have no trouble whatsoever convincing the Court to slap Patrick with a order for security in the neighbourhood of $25,000. Given Patrick's history of contemptuous non-compliance, that should be a no-brainer, especially since given that he is asking for four million dollars, that amount of security is a drop in the bucket, and no sane judge would refuse to issue such an order. But it gets worse.

I would also insist that, before proceeding, Patrick be required to pay off his debt to me in its entirety. Again, it should not be difficult to get that order since all I need to do is point out that he has owed me $85,000 since 2010, and it's way past time that he resolved that. It would be a simple argument to make that Patrick should not be allowed to proceed with any more asinine and worthless lawsuits against me until we have leveled the playing field, and that means clearing his debt. (That would be entirely independent of the security he would have to front.) This means having to turn over to me and the Court, eh, $140,000 or so, before the Court would even put the trial on the schedule. But (you guessed it) it gets worse.

See, Patrick is still an undischarged bankrupt with no standing to unilaterally file legal actions on his own. Patrick disagrees. Fine, then ... I would insist that Patrick bring a preliminary motion to resolve that issue before this is allowed to go any further, and I have been assured that that would not be a tough argument to win. That is, why should the Court and everyone involved waste time on Patrick's lawsuit, only to have the Court eventually rule that he had no right to file it in the first place? So if Patrick is convinced he can do this, let him first take that argument to the Court and have the court rule on it (at his expense).

But it gets worse in that, if the Court decides he needs to get out of bankruptcy first, as I have already explained in previous posts, Patrick would need to pay off his Conditional Discharge Order (CDO), to the tune of around $25,000. And that amount is entirely independent of the amounts listed above, so now we're talking potentially about Patrick needing to hand over maybe $165,000 just to get this worthless lawsuit in front of a judge (in a courtroom where he can expect some very interested spectators looking to serve him.) But (and you saw this coming) it gets worse.

If even just some of the above comes to pass, it represents a legal and financial nightmare for Patrick, so he might be tempted to just let this action sit month after month for the sole purpose of being able to brag that, yes, he is technically suing me. Except that is not a viable long-term plan, as the Court has limited patience with people who file vexatious actions, then fail to move them forward and, as Patrick is the Plaintiff, it is his responsibility to do this. And if Patrick just sits on this, at some point, I will file to have this action dismissed as abandoned, exactly as I did successfully with the idiotic 2014 appeal of his CDO. And if that happens, that is just another nail in the coffin of Patrick's credibility with the Court, as it will be just more evidence of his bad faith and pattern of wasting the Court's time. And if Patrick (wisely) decides to drop this, I will instantly file for discontinuance costs. Which I will get.

I could go on but I think you see the pattern here -- regardless of whether Patrick wants to push on with this lawsuit, or just let it sit, or drop it, he is screwed. From my perspective, I have my confidential informants (CIs) watching out for him but, other than that, I'm fine with just letting Patrick keep running and hiding, wondering which of those equally horrible choices he's going to make, as I am quite prepared for all of them.

In any event, a Happy New Year to one and all. And if anyone is trying to serve Patrick and needs contact information, drop me a note and I will do my best to assist.

P.S. Any court engagement with Patrick will involve my putting in front of the Court Patrick's pathetic history, which involves at least the following:

  • His being found liable in 2010 of not just defamation, but malicious defamation
  • His open bragging about how much he enjoys hiding his assets from me
  • His evasion for a full two years as I chased him around Saskatchewan and Alberta
  • His being found in contempt of court twice
  • His filing for personal bankruptcy, expressly for the purpose of avoiding my $85,000 judgment against him
  • His filing an appeal of his 2014 CDO, only to walk away from it to the point where I succeeded in having it dismissed as abandoned
  • My current collection action against him in the province of Saskatchewan
  • His years of refusing to obey court orders to pay costs
I think you get the idea ... if Patrick insists on getting this into a courtroom before a judge, I will make sure his entire history is on the record.

AFTERTHOUGHT: While all of the above represents the ammunition with which I can lay a savage beatdown on Patrick Ross, a lot of it is available to anyone getting into a legal slapfest with that destitute hillbilly.

Even if another party can't use the argument that Patrick owes them around $115,000 going back over a decade, all of the rest of Patrick's behaviour can certainly be put in front of a judge to show his arrogant and contemptuous attitude toward the Court, so if anyone out there could use any of this info in a legal engagement with Patrick, drop me a note and I will make sure you are well and fully armed with documentation to put before the Court to make sure any judge understands the childish, vindictive and malicious yahoo they are dealing with.

I'm just trying to help.

JAN 8 UPPITY DATE: I have been advised by someone with a fair bit of legal background that if this case does go to trial, then Patrick will be entirely at the mercy of the judge, who has the authority to make whatever order he or she deems appropriate (this is pretty much true for any case, not just this one).

This means that, once the proceedings start, there is little Patrick can do to prevent any onerous and crippling orders (either legally or financially), and if Patrick chooses to ignore such orders, he is likely to be held in contempt of court (again!), and could even face arrest.

Having a warrant issued for Patrick's arrest might sound extreme, but it is based on Patrick's years of documented refusal to listen to the court and his years of non-compliance with various orders, so the Court finally losing patience with Patrick and ordering his arrest is definitely within the realm of possibility, and I will make sure the Court is fully loaded with the details of Patrick's history of arrogant non-compliance.

Patrick will, of course, mock and blar-har-har this notion. And that's why he's an undischarged bankrupt who owes me more than $115,000. But you knew that, right?


Anonymous said...

Any idea where Patrick is living or working these days?

Augray said...

Any exciting developments on the paternal estate front?

CC said...

Augray: Nothing new there -- a real estate check lists it as being currently off the market. It is always possible that the ownership is being quietly transferred to one of the family members so that it never technically goes on the market. However, one can check SK land titles at any time online, and I'm doing that every so often.

The current siblings can continue playing games and drag this out for some time, but little of that is going to help Patrick in the end since, while I can just sit patiently, all it's going to take is for Patrick to make a single mistake.

RossOwesDay said...

There is no way out for Twatsy Ross. Twatsy can run, but he can't hide. There is no denying the inevitable. Twatsy will be caught and dragged into court to be held to account for his longstanding deplorable conduct.

CC said...

ROD: I've mentioned a number of times that it is indeed possible for Patrick to avoid any accountability as long as he is content to live entirely off the grid, and never have his own business, and never own a home, and never rent an apartment under his own name, and never (legally) have a credit card, and so on and so on. If Patrick is fine with being an utter non-entity for the rest of his life, he could conceivably get away with this.

I'm guessing, though, that he's simply too stupid to make this work. Patrick is no evil genius, and I'm guessing that he is eventually going to slip up. What a depressing way to go through life -- forever looking over your shoulder, wondering who is about to catch up with you.

Anonymous said...

So even if you could re-file to dismiss Patrick's lawsuit (and it sounds like you have plenty of grounds to do that), is it possible that it's more productive to just let it go forward so you can question him under oath, then get him into a courtroom where he is subject to orders of the court? That might be the quickest and easiest way to finally get some justice.

CC said...

Anon @ 6:40 AM: Trust me, I have been pondering this approach for a while but, as I wrote above, Patrick is at the point where he needs to choose between a number of unpalatable possibilities.

If he pushes forward, I get to question him under oath and force him to disclose several years of finances, then I get to drag him into court.

If he dawdles, I will eventually file to have his action dismissed as abandoned (as I did successfully with his idiotic CDO appeal).

If he drops this action to avoid being questioned, I file for discontinuance costs.

This is the year where Patrick is going to learn there are costs to filing frivolous and meritless lawsuits.

CC said...

Anon @ 6:40 AM: Oh, and if Patrick decides he wants to push on with this and I choose to play his game, my first motion(s) will be that he has to first convince the Court (at his own expense) that he has standing to file this action, immediately after which I will file a motion to demand that Patrick pay off his debt to me in full *AND* cough up a pile of money as security. Oh, and he has to file a *proper* Statement of Claim disclosing his actual residence.

Let's watch.

Anonymous said...

Even if Patrick can hide out in northern Alberta forever, if I recall, he works as a "swamper", a disgusting job that requires you to work outdoors even in the middle of winter when it's -40C. So maybe that's doable for someone young and in good health, but it's going to be tough for a 40-something, morbidly obese Patrick.

Worse, if Patrick is doing this around Grande Prairie (or anywhere in northern Alberta), he needs a place to live which means he's going to be spending a lot of money for a hotel long-term or renting a room in someone else's house. Since swampers make an average of only $25/hour, and you might need to spend $1500 or more per month for accommodations, that's a huge chunk of his income just for a place to live.

So it looks like Patrick's long-term plan is to work at a poor-paying, shitty job and losing a lot of his income for a place to stay, just so he doesn't need to pay you anything.

Anonymous said...

Thought experiment: suppose some "angel" pays off all these debts, so you stop annoying him. Now what? It's not like having this debt lifted will change his life much. Still needs to live some place, if parents house is sold (now that your liens or equivalent go away), he gets a chunk, but unlikely enough to own his own place. Law abiding citizen, working stiff someplace in obscurity.
Probably happier being a pseudo outlaw, with someone to thumb his nose at who keeps giving him attention.

CC said...

Anon @ 1:52 PM: You raise some good points. For Patrick to get his life back, he would first have to pay me the full amount of what he owes me -- call it $115,000. But that would still leave him in bankruptcy; the OSB was clear to me that, to get out of bankruptcy, Patrick would have to clear the balance on his Conditional Discharge Order, some $25,000. So Patrick's angel would have to hand over around $140,000, at which time Patrick is free of my debt and out of bankruptcy.

However, as you point out, then what? Still does not have a home of his own. Rent an apartment? In Grande Prairie? I hear that's expensive so there goes a good chunk of his income.

Move back to Lloyd, hoping it's cheaper? The problem there is that I've heard from a number of sources that no one in Lloyd will hire him, given his reputation as an asshole. It's easier for Patrick to find work where (unlike "Cheers") nobody knows his name, or they're willing to tolerate bloviating asshats as long as they get the job done.

You are correct -- paying off his debts really doesn't improve his long-term outlook; everything about him is still available via Google search to any HR manager, who would take about 30 seconds to reject any job application from him. So it's back to the northern Alberta and swamping for $25/hour in -40C.

And the saddest part? He's done absolutely nothing over the last few years to rehabilitate his image. He is as much of a creepy stalker and slanderer as ever. He has learned nothing.

Anonymous said...

In the event anyone wants evidence to show a judge how ole triple chin conducts himself, here's a gallery of just his latest libel against someone:

As long as he's not held to account for his actions this type of garbage will continue.

CC said...

Anon @ 4:09 PM: I've already taken screenshots of that stuff because, ironically, it will be useful in any further legal entanglements I have with Patrick as it will demonstrate to the Court that Patrick has no remorse whatsoever and, further, that he treats his bankruptcy as a shield against further lawsuits since he assumes no one will sue him since he's bankrupt already.

He really is astonishingly fucking stupid.

MgS said...

Observation: Patrick has exactly no desire to move anything forward. As you point out, he likes to walk around twitter waving his "look, I'm suing these people" flag as if it means something.

More and more, it appears that his goal is basically to emulate Ezra's model of suing people to create a multi-year waste of time and resources. Comparatively, he's nowhere near as clever as Ezra, but he can still tie up an enormous amount of personal resources with this strategy - even if he just lets the clock run out on it - it still requires someone to take the time to file a motion to dismiss on the basis of being abandoned. No doubt, he chuckles to himself about his "cleverness" in this regard.

The options before him are unpalatable for most people - but he seems to think of things mostly as a "winning an internet argument". As long as he can duck and weave, he thinks he's winning because he's making it hard for anyone to follow up with him on anything.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that the right doesn’t have the same definitions or beliefs as the rest of us. We talk about winning and losing based in some measurable or sliding scale. But the right seems to see winning as more of a Charlie Sheen definition of “winning”. It’s based on optics, rhetoric and as long as they can put someone else down..:they see themselves as winning. As long as they are never held accountable for their actions or words, they are “winning” the debate or discussion.

It’s not realistic, but it should be clear the right doesn’t care about reality so much as the reality they can create for themselves. In this sense - the conservative political sense - Ross is very much “winning” regardless of how far backwards his life has to go to, because he continues to spew out nonsense online, continues to harass and insult “others” noise and clearly there are businesses or friends enough out there to keep him employed and with a roof over his head.

I’ve yet to see a conservative who behaves like this ever learn or change or truly be held accountable. Which is depressing as hell I think, but when one side of the political spectrum believes in equal rules for everyone, and the other believes rules are meant to protect the in-group while binding “out” groups, it makes sense why our democracy/society/discourse is in the state it currently is in. Here’s hoping 2024 is finally the year of people being held personally accountable for the harms they do and any abhorrent beliefs/behaviors they proudly display online or in public.

RossOwesDay said...

Check out the weather forecast for Northern Alberta. It would REALLY suck to work as a swamper up there this week. Imagine being an obese, heavily-indebted undischarged bankrupt incel troll on top of that!