Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Still as clueless as ever.

To no one's surprise, undischarged bankrupt and vexatious litigant Patrick Ross is once again bragging about suing me, tweeting about 16 hours ago about how I lied about him and concluding:

I have every right to sue him for that, and I am.

I am not sure how many times I have to explain ... yes, Patrick filed a defamation suit against me well over a year ago, and he has done absolutely nothing -- zip, squat -- to move it along for over a year. And he refuses to understand that when I eventually file to have it dismissed as abandoned, I will absolutely present to the Court the numerous tweets where he has bragged about suing me, while making no effort to actually follow through.

So what does Patrick do? Predictably, he yet again brags about suing me, while doing nothing to move the case along, providing me with yet another example of the frivolous and vexatious nature of the suit that will be placed before the Court.

We are not dealing with the sharpest sandwich in the picnic basket here.


RossOwesDay said...

Lionel Hutz is a better lawyer than Twatsy Ross.

thwap said...

There were these two guys once. Lived on the same street. One guy borrowed the other guy's lawnmower and returned it but the guy who owned the lawn mower said he returned it broken.

No one will really know, but the borrower guy insists it was in good condition when he returned it. Refused to compensate the other guy. The other guy began a campaign of harrassment to try to coerce the borrower guy to pay what he imagined he owed him.

It didn't work. A year later, the owner-guy was still marching up and down the street banging on a lambeg drum with a sign on his back saying "So-and-so is a dead-beat."

Everyone on the street regards drummer-owner guy with contempt and sympathizes with borrower guy at this point.

Patrick's case isn't analogous because he defamed you, you sued him and you won.

Purple library guy said...

I really don't think I'd want to eat a sharp sandwich. Mind you, I REALLY wouldn't want to eat a Patrick Ross sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Patty Boy's dumber than a bag of dicks tossed inside a bag of hammers, tied closed, shaken violently for some time, then thrown off the peak of Mount Everest and having it roll all the way down to the base camp.

Anonymous said...

Can this unmoved suit cause business problems because it is "pending litigation"? He may be chortling that it does

CC said...

Anon @ 1:17 PM: A good question in that that sort of thing could affect someone applying for a loan, or a line of credit, or trying to rent an apartment and so on. None of that applies to me as I own outright everything of interest to me, and have no need of any loans or that sort of thing, so it matters to me not in the slightest.

Patrick's bankruptcy, on the other hand, probably puts a crimp in his happy-go-lucky, high school cheerleader-filled lifestyle, and I'm going to make sure it stays that way.

Anonymous said...

I see Patrick is trying madly to create the excuses he’s going to use for not moving his lawsuit forward - I’m fairly certain that’s going to boil down to “my Dad was dying” (not entirely invalid - but not exactly persuasive when he has spent so much time and energy evading service for so many years).