Sunday, January 14, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Ah, the maturity of the arguments.

Pursuant to, well, nothing really, but it is both amusing and depressing to see how 40-something undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Super Stud Chick Magnet" Ross engages intellectually on social media. Here is, literally, three straight responses to people with which Patrick disagrees:

"You picked a bad time to lose this argument ... Grown-ups are speaking ... absolute clownshit. Sit down. Shut up."

Keep in mind, this is the rhetorical production of someone in their 40s who spent seven years in university (albeit while never graduating). And he wonders why no one cares to engage with him.

I'm pretty sure I know why. I'm pretty sure we all know why.


Anonymous said...

Wait until genius boy discovers that:

A) We have no LNG plants in Alberta

B) That turning natural gas into liquified natural gas is a complex (and expensive process)

C) There is exactly 1 LNG producing facility in Canada, and it’s in BC … and it hasn’t even started production yet.

… he might want to look into something the UCP allowed the generation industry to set up called “economic withholding” - because that likely has much, much more to do with the fact that Alberta’s grid was on the edge of collapse in the midst of a cold snap.

Anonymous said...

Trained sealion. Arf! Arf!