Thursday, January 18, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Not gonna work this time, either.

An anonymous tipster brings to my attention the latest bloviating from undischarged bankrupt Patrick "The Spud Stud" Ross, wherein Patrick intimates that he will have more than enough reason to defend his failure to move forward his 2022 lawsuit against me, the intimation seeming to be that he will argue that he was just too occupied with looking after an ill parent or something to that effect.

That didn't work last time, and it won't work now.

In 2018, after Patrick had neglected to proceed with his defective bankruptcy appeal after more than three years, I filed to have it dismissed on that basis, whereupon Patrick did what he always does when he wants sympathy from the Court -- pleaded depression -- to which the judge responded:

Note well how the judge, even accepting that there might have been depression, did not accept that as an excuse for Patrick's negligence. Go back and read it again if you missed that -- the judge dug into that flimsy excuse and ruled that it in no way explained Patrick's behaviour or excused his negligence.

Exactly the same is going to happen here -- Patrick is going to tearfully whine about how he was so consumed with caring for his ailing father, while I will make sure the Court is provided with copious evidence as to how Patrick really spent his time: two (or more) Twitter accounts, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, various rock concerts and rodeos, Instagramming his various burgers and so on, all the while explicitly bragging about how he was suing me while failing to push the action along.

Patrick's fatal flaw (well, one of them) is that he insists on treating judges as if they are idiots and are simply going to take his worthless word; instead, those judges actually investigate Patrick's various gaseous emanations and, as you can see above, find that they have no value and excuse nothing.

It happened then, and it will happen again. As it always does.

AFTERSNARK: I have something to say about Patrick's current claim that he is "winning" his legal slapfest with me, but I'll save that for tomorrow's "Happy interestversary" post.


RossOwesDay said...

Twatsy spent way more time living and working in the Grande Prairie/Northeastern BC area than he did looking after Ken. At Ken's memorial service, Twatsy bragged that he visited him in the hospital all the way from some remote Northern outpost 12 hours from Saskatchewan.

900ft j said...

about twice a year I check in on the chronicles here to assure myself we are not simply existing in a virtual reality. What designer could come up with such a line that goes on forever without any chance of success or closure? And why would they? And a Twatrick figure? Thanks for allaying my fears!