Friday, May 26, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: In honour of the geographically challenged.

Uh ...

The election is in Alberta. Patrick lives in Saskatchewan.

P.S. Does this mean Patrick is back in Alberta? Enquiring (and collection-oriented) minds want to know.

P.P.S. Apparently, Patrick is in fact threatening to initiate a vexatious legal action against someone, despite the fact that his status as an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee and several years in arrears with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy forbids that. I will have more on this in a day or two. Stay tuned ...


Anonymous said...

_He’s_ going to accuse someone of being a “vexatious litigant”?

That should be some comedy gold right there.

* and even if he were to convince the court that he should be able to do so, the courts in general set a pretty high bar for declaring someone a “vexatious litigant” and imposing restrictions. We should be able to hear the laughter from the court house over that submission.

Anonymous said...

Well, Twatsy's main Twitter account does currently say "Alberta" as his location, sooo...

thwap said...

Whatever the relevance of his geographic reality, Ross's pomposity is once again self-serving, childish drivel.

Oil prices plummeted world-wide in 2015 (when Notley was elected). That's one reason why she was elected. Alberta's tar fell in price faster than cleaner crude. The fall in the price of oil also destroyed shit-head stephen harper's delusional "Energy Super-Power" drivel and contributed to his defeat at the federal level.

The reality is that Alberta's conservatives ripped-off the province's citizens by giving away their resource for a song. Their "stewardship" of that finite resource compares poorly with Norway's socialists.

As a result of having no money for their oil, Alberta's right-wing government practiced austerity year-in, year-out. Notley's NDP raised taxes to try to address that issue and extract something out of the oil sector. And hypocritical shit-heads like Ross condemn her for it.

Fuck those useless ignoramuses.

MgS said...

@thwap (8:44 PM):

The RW attempt to assassinate what Notley did while in government follows _EXACTLY_ the same pattern as was used going after Pierre Trudeau and the NEP.

The objective reality of the NEP was that it came into force at the same time as a massive global economic downturn that would have collapsed much of the Alberta oil patch anyhow. But conservatives used the opportunity to salt the earth for “Liberal” in Alberta.

Yes, the NEP played a significant role in the downturn in Alberta in the early 80s, but it was by no means the sole cause and arguably Alberta resistance to the NEP actually made the situation worse in the long term. (The irony that in the last couple of years a “trans-Canada energy corridor” was proposed by conservatives is not lost on me either - that’s literally what the NEP would have created)

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest...

It seems Ezra is attempting yet another round of desperate fundraising measures. Not sure what that portends, but it's always fun to watch him try to pretend simultaneously that his Media Empire is thriving, while scrabbling desperately in his subscribers' pockets for spare change.

This latest effort is a revival of the Rebel's old "buy a cheap package tour and resell it to the rubes at a heavily inflated price to pay for The Menzoid's vacation" strategy.

Long-time Rebel watchers will recall the Ezra's last attempt at this ended in disaster. The Rebel booked and bumped the charges for a Holland-America cruise to Alaska. However, when a number of people contacted Holland America to ask whether a company famous for marketing its inclusiveness and LGBT-friendly service REALLY wanted to associate itself with an onboard passel of homophobic racists, the cruise line dropped the Rebel tour like a hot potato.

Now Ezra is planning a similar outing to Israel and Dubai, billed as a "FACT FINDING MISSION TO ISRAEL AND DUBAI!!"

The "Fact Finding Mission" is, of course, a stitched together itinerary of the standard tour package, with the same stops and tourist attractions offered by every travel company booking Middle Eastern Tours. Except, of course (a) you're forced to to spend your time in the company of the Menzoid, Sheila Gunn Reid, Andrew Lawton and a motley assortment of Canada's most obnoxious redneck fake journalists, and (b) you're paying a huge premium to pay for the Rebel team's free vacation.

How big a premium? Well, the "early bird" booking special cost for the Ezra Road show is $5,715. The IDENTICAL tour, booked through Indus Tours, is $3, 173.00

Are these in fact the same tour packages? Compare the itineraries. The only difference between this "mission" and your grandparents' Elderhostel tour package, apart from the outrageously inflated price, is that you'll be lectured to for the duration by longstanding anti-Muslim propagandists like Sheila Gunn Reid (whose last "in depth investigative report" from Israel revealed the astonishing fact that there were Arabs living in Bethlehem.

One wonders whether Ezra's hosts and guides in Dubai are aware of his comments on the impossibility of civilizing Muslims, or Menzies' serial stalking of Mosques, or of Avi's speeches on the evils of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Patrick's trying a vexatious litigant motion against someone? Do we know who? Is this the upside down world? The guy who files frivolous lawsuits against people while not legally able to is going to walk in to a courtroom and argue he has more standing that someone who isn't an undischarged bankruptee without a trustee? This must be parody?

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is Rebel News still giving holocaust denier Chris Sky attention?

Anonymous said...

He's the closest thing they've got to a dog in the mayoralty race, I guess.