Sunday, May 14, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: JUXTAPOSE!

Man who seemingly lives at home in his Mom's basement and whose romantic life consists exclusively of writing fantasy porn and designing bikinis for women he will never, ever meet will now wax eloquent about what reproductive rights he is prepared to accept for women he will never, ever fuck.

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P.S. In a recent tweet, Patrick refers to a "job" and his "livelihood" as if he might be working again. As always, I'm keen on any information I can pass on to the appropriate authorities if you know anything.


thwap said...

Aside from his presumption to think he can place limits on women's rights, there's his presumption that he, himself, represents Canadian "conservatives" and that he's been empowered to speak on their behalf.

Augray said...

Newsflash for Patrick: Abortion already is legal, and has been for 35 years! Wake up!

MgS said...

How utterly magnamous of him … I’m sure women all across Canada are so impressed by his generosity.

… It’s been decades since our last abortion law was struck down, and there’s zero evidence of there being a “problem” that requires any kind of legislation. The existing practice is governed by perfectly reasonable ethical guidelines. Lots of whining about corner cases coming up, but zero evidence to support the allegations.

To create a law - any law - on the matter is little more than a wedge that the antis will use to broaden restrictions until they have effectively banned it - we’ve seen this in Texas, Florida, and other states. It’s not hard to see the cons here playing for the same goal with the same tactics.