Monday, August 21, 2006

Gosh, it sounded like such a great idea on paper.

The theory:

According to Canada's wingnut-o-sphere, private medical care is a peachy keen idea because there are horrendous wait times for some procedures and private clinics would take some of the pressure off public facilities and, after all, reducing wait times was one of the CPoC's "five priorities" (that is, until it disappeared down the memory hole) and, naturally, in order to be fair, the costs of those private treatments would still be covered by Canada's heathcare system, so it's a win-win for everyone and, by gosh, aren't we thinking outside the box for clever and innovative solutions to the current healthcare crisis?

The implementation

Tax-payer funded death

Province to refund abortions

Why this news should worry both the left and the right:

It should worry the left because this ruling sets a precedent that the government must pay for people's use of private clinics.

It should worry the right because this ruling sets a precedent that the government must pay for people's use of private clinics.

For $@%t sake. It's one thing to support abortion. It's an entirely differnt thing to take someone else's money and use it for your own abortion because you don't feel like paying for it yourself. It's especially a sham since there's such strong disagreement over abortion.

Canada's conservatives: Guaranteeing your right to timely, publicly-funded medical care, one carefully-selected, right wing-approved procedure at a time.

AFTERSNARK: Make sure you read the comments section at that article, in which commenter "Gayle" stands out as a paragon of logic and clear thought in a lagoon of addle-brained stupidity. I'm thinking a few years in Gitmo might straighten her out.

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kootcoot said...

CC, you slay me! Everytime I haven't been here for awhile and then drop by I kick my own ass for having been away so long. You are the master of the succint slapdown and I bow to your majesty!

and:Intelligent Design can blow me too.

Of course you know that it is official that "Bush is Crap" because the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK (assistant poodle to some folks) said so. And about a zillion other reasons, obviously too numerous to list in this lifetime. Even if I could list them it would use up all the bandwidth in the world, so I won't even try.