Friday, August 25, 2006

Some people have a real problem with irony.

And over at "Proud to be Hermetically Sealed," we have Joel Johannesen working himself into a high dudgeon over baseless left-wing media fabrications:

In another amazing liberal media feat, a “news” story picked-up by the Vancouver Sun (Canwest Global) has managed to base a story on Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai on gaseous nothingness or what we in the Non-Liberal-Left Total BS-Spotting trade call, ”ether“. This is in contradistinction to the Liberal-left’s other sources for stories, which is described as ”wishful thinking based on our severely liberal-left world view“.

Uh huh. The day I take advice from Canada's conservatives on the dangers of weaving entire stories out of thin air is the day I take lessons in civility and multiculturalism from Kate McMillan.


Anonymous said...

Its hard work being snarky when you've no other truth to offer.
Must be something in the paste.

Jeff said...

The Vancouver Sun is liberal media? And Ann Coulter is a commie.

MgS said...

O Eastern Front:

So, tell me, do you, or Johannesen, have credible evidence to the contrary of what that story alleges?

What I see is Johannesen dismissing journalism out of hand because it shows a picture he doesn't like. I see no refutation whatsoever of the story itself.

He makes a few snarky dismissals of the content, but provides us with no reason to accept his thesis as being correct.

This is called "argument by assertion" - he's asserting something is true, but fails utterly to demonstrate why his assertion is true.

Anonymous said...

O Grog.
I was referring to Joel.
Sorry for the ambiguity.