Sunday, August 20, 2006

"You raise an interesting point ... now you must be killed."

It's always moderately amusing (in a bloody train wreck kind of way) to watch what happens when folks in the wanker echo chamber are presented with a slightly different perspective. Over here at Crazy-Assed Racist Redneck's place, we have a piece on witches and witch-hunters which would seem to be at least superficially relevant these days. However, Kate's commenters are having none of this treasonous shit.

Commenter Mark from Ottawa writes, in part:

And dear Mr Harris, as so often, cannot get basic facts right...

And the Rosenbergs were convicted in 1951, not 1950.

Yes, by God, how on earth can you take seriously the shrieking, leftist, moonbat rantings of someone who can't even get something as simple as that correct? Because, as we all know, a factual error of that magnitude would naturally cast doubt on absolutely everything else such a person might write. With some exceptions, of course.

Commenter "Maple stump," on the other hand, prefers the succinct approach:

The author is obviously perturbed, hence potentially dangerous. Maybe 3-5 years at Gitmo Spa & Resort would make him understand a thing or two...

Guantanamo Bay: Because if we allow differences of opinion, the terrorists will have won.

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Giant Political Mouse said...

Right on! But you missed some other great quotes.