Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's called an "analogy," Gerry.

Can I get me some outrage in the house?

Somewhere in NDP leader Jack Layton’s closet hangs a $287 leather jacket that’s a symbol of what’s wrong with this country’s labour laws.

The jacket was a gift to Layton from union bosses during the last federal election.

So what’s so symbolic about that?

Just this: the jacket was purchased with the dues of unionized employees, who didn’t have any say as to whether or not Layton deserved such a gift.

And they don’t have any say thanks to Canada’s labour laws which permit union bosses to take dues – dues which unionized employees must pay – and use them to finance their own political agendas.

If unionized employees don’t happen to support their union bosses’ political agenda, well that’s just too bad.

Clearly, something is wrong with the system.

So it's sort of like the forced, public taxpayer-funded Catholic school system in Ontario, except on a much, much, much, much, much, much smaller scale. Sort of like that.


Anonymous said...

If only we could somehow force the unions to have meetings and elections and other democratic institutions. There must be some way, some mechanism, to make them responsible to the people they represent! If only, if only...

Scott in Montreal said...

well put, adam